Showbiz / Jacqueline Fernandez To Give Justin Bieber A Taste Of India

Jacqueline Fernandez To Give Justin Bieber A Taste Of India

Showbiz Mar 29, 2017

Pop sensation Justin Bieber will be taking on India — and one lucky Bollywood siren may get to play “hostess with the mostest.”

The Canadian singer-songwriter brings his Purpose World Tour to Mumbai on May 10th.

Bollywood’s Jacqueline Fernandez may be counting down the days until she gives the Biebs “a taste of all things Desi,” as she is reported to be Bieber’s tour guide for his scheduled trip to Mumbai.

Justin Bieber Tour
Bieber finally makes his way to India with the Purpose World Tour. Photo Credit:

In an interview, the Bollywood actress said, “I am a huge fan of Bieber and I already have quite a few things I’ve thought of that would make his visit multi-dimensional. While he’s in India I’d love to take him around and give him a taste of all things desi and be his tour guide,”

The tour may include Biebs visiting the Gateway of India, Iskon Temple, Colaba Causeway, Film City and possibly the streets of Bandra on an auto ride.

Fernandez also plans to take the Grammy-winning artist to meet underprivileged children in Dharavi, India’s largest slum.

Justin Bieber
Fernandez recently made headlines for her restaurant venture in Mumbai. Photo Credit:

The Kick actress may not be the only Bollywood star to take part in the much-awaited show.

After making her own singing debut and working on a new single, Sonakshi Sinha could be getting some extra attention by appearing alongside Bieber.

“I am really fond of Justin Bieber’s music and I love how his sound has evolved over the years and today he reaches out to a universal fan base. I’m definitely looking forward to this event,” Sinha said in a statement.

Justin Bieber
Sinha is said to be a part of the opening act for the Mumbai Purpose World Tour show. Photo Credit:

The market for live music in India has taken flight over the years despite challenges in the form of government approvals, investment and logistics.

Arjun Jain, the director of White Fox India (and the man behind Biebs coming to India), said, “We are working towards finalising the itinerary soon and we hope to give Bieber a multi-dimensional perspective of India and make it a memorable visit.”

While the complete details of Fernandez’ tour guide stint and Sinha’s musical performance aren’t finalized, Beliebers in India could be in for the best treat yet.


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