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The Role Of A Father Figure

Culture & Lifestyle Jun 12, 2014


Having a strong father figure makes all the difference in the life of a child. Here's how.

We all know that we owe a great deal to our parents, but sometimes we overlook this. When it comes to appreciation, no one is more likely to get the shaft than dads, even though having great male role models can make all the difference in how happy you are in life as an adult.

A report from the University of Connecticut concluded that in matters of substance abuse, depression, behaviour problems and psychological maladjustment, the love of a father may play a more significant role than that of the mother!

Here are just a few of the ways a father’s love can be so important.

He Shows Us How To Lead

A child who grows up watching a father help lead a family naturally learns how to do so themselves. “Fathers” may also be uncles, brothers, friends, teachers or neighbours. The presence of a male role model teaches a child how to take care of a family – whether it be financially, emotionally or through modeling values like responsibility and strength of character. 

He Models How To Treat Women

Not only do children model the values carried on from their father figures, they also model the relationship between their father and mother. This is the first real relationship they ever get to experience and it defines their normal. That is something they carry with them for their entire lives. Dads who treat their children's mother with respect, love and compassion teach their kids what a loving and healthy relationship looks like. 

He Provides Security In Tough Times

In times of trouble, father figures offer trust and security. A report published in the Review of General Psychology indicates that the impact of a father’s role in their child’s life is often the sole predictor of successful outcomes in many categories of their adult lives. Children who know their fathers will always be there are more likely to become well-adjusted adults, with the resiliency necessary to make it through life's struggles.
So this Father’s Day, let’s take a moment to thank the men in our lives who offer guidance, strength, wisdom and love. These are the people who shaped our own ability to love and be loved – and for that, we owe them a debt of gratitude!
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Yvonne Sinniah

Yvonne Sinniah


Yvonne Sinniah (@YvonneSinniah) is a Relations Advisor and inspirational speaker focusing on helping individuals achieve success in personal and professional environments.  focusing on helping individuals achieve success in personal and professional environments.  She is on a mission to meet a nee...


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