Beauty / Priyanka Chopra At TIFF – Get The Look

Priyanka Chopra At TIFF – Get The Look

Beauty Sep 09, 2014

Priyanka’s beauty shines on the red carpet; and with a few simple steps you can achieve her gorgeous look too. 

First, plug in some large hot rollers. I love the Hot Rollers by Conair. They heat up really quickly and create gorgeous, frizz free, voluminous curls.

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat™ Multisized Hot Rollers/conair

Make sure to spray hair with a heat protecting spray, like Tresemme’s Heat Tamer Protective Spray – the lock on the bottle prevents any spills. It also smells great, gets rid of any frizzies and curls last much longer.
Begin by teasing the crown of your hair with a tail comb. Spray roots with a natural hold hairspray. Next, section hair into 4 segments: one at the crown and three at the back. Roll hair in rollers in a “brick” layout inwards toward the neck.
While the curlers cool and set, apply makeup.
Begin by applying some foundation to create a flawless palette for makeup application. Ultra Pro foundation by Face Atelier is great as it uses silicone. This amazing foundation last for hours with no smudging or creasing – just perfect, flawless looking skin.
Next, apply a little concealer to any blemishes and under eyes. I use the concealer by Cover FX. It comes in such a wide variety of shades and lasts for hours with no creasing. The coverage is exceptional.

Pure Finish Mineral Powder/ Elizabeth Arden


Set makeup with a powder, like by Elizabeth Arden. This amazing formula provides a perfect matte finish. It comes in so many shades as well so it is perfect for every skin tone. To maintain the “dewy” look, only apply to the forehead, nose and chin.
To bring out the eyes, apply a neutral base to the eyelid first. I use Samoa Silk by M.A.C.  Define the eye line with a dark shadow, like Smut by M.A.C. I apply it with a wet eyeliner brush and smudge it gently on the top and bottom part of the eye line. 
For added drama, a black eyeliner pencil may be used to line the inner top and bottom eye line. Waterproof Autograph Eye Pencil by Kat Von D, in Puro Amor, is a velvety formula that glides on so easily; it can be layered and lasts for hours.
Finish off the eyes with They’re Real! mascara by Benefit. Apply by zig-zagging the brush from your lashes’ root to tip. Layer for added drama. The result is long, voluminous lashes. No clumps. Just gorgeous!


Benefit they're Real Mascara/Sephora

A rosy flush is easily achieved by swirling a little blush in a circular, upwards motion to the apples of the cheeks. The Breezy blush shade by M.A.C.  is a highly pigmented formula that is very easy to apply and blend. It also last for hours – perfect for camera time!
Cover Girl’s Hot Passion red lipstick finishes off this gorgeous makeup look. Make sure lips are smooth and use a liner in – either a neutral or same shade – and trace around your lips: lip liner is amazing for creating a perfect lip shape. For perfect precision, apply lipstick to the bow of the lip moving outwards. Blot lips to remove excess. Apply a powder around the lips to prevent bleeding. 
Best Tip – Use straws when drinking to keep a perfect pout.
Release curlers after they have cooled and finger tousle hair. Using a clear elastic, create a ponytail, while leaving one tendril out to frame the face. Twist hair in a bun where desired.  Secure with Goody Spin Pins (1 Spin Pin is equal to 21 bobby pins.) Finish with a little hair spray.

Feature Image: facebook/Priyanka
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Natalia Zurawska

Natalia Zurawska


Natalia Zurawska is a professional hair & make-Up artist.  She has worked on many editorials for leading fashion and wedding magazines. Her make up artistry and hair styling have been seen in Anokhi Magazine, Vogue Italia Pelle, Driven, La'G, Caribbean Bride and many more.  Con...