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Easy DIY Nail Art Designs

Beauty Dec 20, 2014

Why Just Paint Your Nails When You Can Turn Them Into 10 Tiny Works Of Art?

Nail art is fun to look at and it makes the perfect accessory to complete a look. It also kind of makes you look like a creative genius. The only problem is that, most days, I feel like I don’t have the time or patience to fiddle with tiny tools and five different nail polishes.

And then I discovered that nail art really doesn’t have to be that complicated. In fact, there are a lot of quick and easy ways to get creative with your nails. Here are three simple ideas to help get you started.
Metallic Marble
Start with two coats of your favourite nail polish shade, preferably one that will contrast with gold or silver. Once the polish is dry, crumple up a small piece of plastic, like from a shopping bag. Paint the metallic polish over top of one side of the crumpled plastic and use it like a stamp over the top of your nail bed. Don’t worry too much about getting polish on your cuticles or the sides of your fingers; you can use nail polish remover on a cotton swab to remove it afterward. Wait for the metallic polish to dry and then apply a clear top coat.
Nicole By OPI in Please Red-Cycle + basic silver polish
Simple Angles
Everyone’s heard of using tape to get the perfect French manicure tip, but there’s so much more you can do with tape. This technique is my favourite. Pick one dark and one light polish. I usually do two shades of the same colour, like light pink and fuchsia, or two completely contrasting colours, like black and white. Start by applying the lighter shade. When it’s completely dry, lightly stick a piece of tape diagonally across your nail bed and paint the exposed part of your nail with the darker polish. For a more geometric effect, make the diagonal on the next nail go in the opposite direction. If you’re really pressed for time (or patience), just do one shade on half of the nail, which still looks great.
Deborah Lippmann Groove Is In The Heart and Avon Mini Nailwear Pro in Fuchsia

Dotted Designs
Not everyone has a nail dotting tool lying around — but you’ve probably got an extra bobby pin, which works just as well. Dip one of the rounded tips of the pin in the polish to add dotted accents to your nails. You can go for the traditional all-over polka dots or get a little more creative. Try this gradient effect using two different-coloured dots that gradually fade from the tip down.
Lise Watier Nail Lacquer in Chic Tartan + basic silver and white polish

 images by Soriyya Bawa

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