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Save Your Money & The Environment With These Cool Eco-Friendly Home Accessories

Culture & Lifestyle Oct 25, 2019

Minimizing our carbon footprint has become headline news with all the changes in the environment and products have been hitting shelves to help us with becoming more eco-friendly. Check out these eco-friendly home accessories that you need without going broke. 

Most of the products that are part of our everyday use are actually quite unhealthy for Mother Nature, so simply swapping those out for better versions of themselves can go a long way in saving the environment. Following some of these tips and simple switches, will not only contribute to saving the environment, they are all money savers too! Win, win.


Small Swaps For Meal Prep

Packing lunches can be a tedious task, especially when you’re running against time, but trying to keep it green doesn’t have to add any stress. Dalcini offers up some stainless steel gems of lunch containers and cutlery, like this tiffin-inspired Lunch Box Hero ($100.00 USD, 6 piece set), perfect for lunches of any size, and are tough enough to be tossed into any bag and  ready for an adventure. A quick trip to HomeSense will round out all the other lunch time needs, like these Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags ($7.99 CDN, set of 4) – just remember to keep them and this Jewel Top Reusable Water Bottle ($16.99 CDN).

Eco-Friendly Home Accessories
Eco-Friendly Home Accessories: Dalcini Lunchbox Hero, Set of 6.  Photo Credit: Dalcini


Eco-Friendly Home Accessories
Eco-Friendly Home Accessories: (Left to Right) Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags, Jewel Top Water Bottle, and Wool Dryer Balls. Photo Credit: HomeSense

It’s one thing to whip up the meal and pack lunches, but being green doesn’t start there. Don’t forget the reusable grocery bag or even better, mesh produce bags ($13.99 CDN, set of 5) to nix the plastic all together. Fill the baggies up with fresh veggies for salads instead of reaching for the pre-packaged goods. Start shopping local, at farmer’s markets, and try to pick out what’s in season. A little prep and freezer space can save the environment and your pockets in the long run. Also, don’t be afraid of the bulk bins, some shops let you bring in your own containers to fill instead of always having to get new ones or use baggies.


Eco-Friendly Home Accessories
Eco-Friendly Home Accessories: Flip and Tumble Produce Bags. Photo Credit:


Minor Changes, Major Improvements

Energy saving lightbulbs have made a major splash when it comes to energy efficiency, however, bringing sustainability into your home doesn’t stop there. There are plenty of other appliances and accessories that can add eco-friendly touches to various rooms of the house. The SodaStream (Fizzi Starter pack pictured in Rose Gold, $119.99 CDN) is a great little appliance to keep both you and the environment healthy. Keep fizzy drinks in the home while ditching the plastic bottles at bay.

Eco-Friendly Home Accessories
Eco-Friendly Home Accessories: SodaStream Fizzi (in Rose Gold). Photo Credit: SodaStream

Speaking of ditching containers of sorts, these Wool Dryer Balls ($19.99 CDN) from HomeSense are natural, biodegradable and because of the ball-shape will speed up the drying process. They also last a lot longer and will replace the need for dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. Canadian Tire is a great spot to pick up some eco-friendly home upgrades such as the Delta Water Efficient Shower Head ($29.99 CDN) which saves water with every shower or the RubberMaid FreshWorks line of containers (starts at $14.99) that will extend the life span of your produce beyond just a few days, in the long run saving you dollars on the grocery and water bills.

Eco-Friendly Home Accessories
Eco-Friendly Home Accessories: (Left to right) Delta Water Efficient Shower Head and the RubberMaid FreshWorks line. Photo Credit: Canadian Tire
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