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Hot December Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

Culture & Lifestyle Dec 03, 2019

Here are some tech releases that are sure to spice up the end of your year whether you are gift giving or want something all for yourself! Check out these hot December tech gadgets that you need now! 

Macbook Pro 16”

Hot December Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!
Hot December Tech Gadgets: Macbook Pro 16″. Photo credit:

Price: $2180 USD

Features: The latest Macbook Pro has made some performance improvements and now has an even bigger battery! Some key features are a 16” screen with a resolution of 3072×1920 pixels. There is now a new keyboard that is designed to enhance the typing experience. Memory capabilities are an unheard of 512-1TB storage and the option of another 8TB!


Google Stadia

Hot December Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!
Hot December Tech Gadgets: Google Stadia. Photo Credit:

Price: $169 USD

Features: This is a new gaming experience that allows users to play on their TV without needing a console! It also allows users to play on all their devices like their computers and certain phones! Gaming will be delivered at HDR or 4K resolution and with surround sound. Even though it launched recently, there are already a bunch of popular games users can play that already. In terms of subscriptions, there are options to opt into a monthly fee to gain access to multiple games and features. For users that want to budget, there is also free version coming soon where you can buy games as you please.


LG G8X ThinQ DualScreen


LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen (CNW Group/LG Electronics Canada)

Price: $700 USD

Features: This phone is unique as it has 2 screens and users can do different things on each screen simultaneously. The phone can also be used like a portable gaming system by folding the phone and using one screen to view gaming, while the other screen will morph into a controller. The screens are 6.4” with a resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixels and are water and dust resistant. Camera capabilities include dual 12MP rear cameras as well as a 32MP front camera. The phone also has 6GB of RAM, 128GB storage and the option of an additional 2TB of storage.


Moto 360

Hot December Tech Gadgets
Hot December Tech Gadgets: Moto 360. Photo Credit:

Price: $349.99 USD

Features: This is a new smartwatch on the market. Some key features include a 1.2″ sized screen and it comes with all the sensors and trackers like a heart-rate monitor. It is also water resistant and fast charging.

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Maresah Dharmoo

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