Culture & Lifestyle / Trudeau’s Visit With The Queen Comes With A Purpose

Trudeau’s Visit With The Queen Comes With A Purpose

Culture & Lifestyle Nov 27, 2015

Justin Trudeau's visit to Buckingham Palace wasn't just for tea and crumpets with the Queen. The prime minister was on a mission to promote Canada's refugee settlement plan

This wasn't Trudeau's first encounter with Her Majesty. He had met her as a young child in the late '70s with his father, Pierre Trudeau. The circumstances were quite different this time around, as he was meeting Queen Elizabeth for the first time as Canada's prime minister. Not to mention, the first Canadian prime minister with such a diverse cabinet by his side.

Whether he's talking to someone off the street, or royalty, the young prime minister always finds a way to seem as cool and personable as possible. Trudeau's excitment was clear on his face and he did not waste any time in bringing out his sense of humour while the cameras were rolling during the first few moments of the meeting. "I will say, you were much taller than me the last time we met," he said to the Queen. 

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History was repeated when, just as his father did with him, he introduced his youngest children Ella-Grace and Hadrien to the monarch. 

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Another moment of Trudeau history was not repeated. A lesser known fact, but also an iconic picture, is that Pierre Trudeau caused a bit of a stir when he had met the Queen at Buckingham Palace for a meeting many years ago. He famously did a pirouette behind the Queen's back as she was walking away.

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Back to the younger Trudeau's private audience, he did not waste any time gushing on social media over his important meeting. 

The Queen understood that Trudeau was in the middle of a "busy time." Remaining unphased he replied by saying it was a good time and that there was "tremendous positive energy."

After his meeting, Trudeau gave an endearing speech at the Canada House in London where he tried to get the idea of diversity across to the many people in attendance, including the Canadian governor of the Bank of England and members of the House of Lords.

Trudeau made it apparent that the key to making Canada's diversity work was a middle class that thrives, and a country that understands that strength lies in a multicultural nature; instead of building walls and barriers.

“Economic disaster manifests itself in many ways,” he said. “Fear and mistrust of others who are different is one of the most common, dangerous expressions.”

Trudeau also talked about the Syrian refugee plan and how welcoming the proposed number of refugees will help the enonomic and social structure of Canada.

While we can only hope that the minds of the narrowminded stir in the direction of the betterment of society as a whole, we will have to wait and see how Trudeau's plans unfold.

On a lighter note, we're curious to know if the topic of the removal of the Queen's portrait from the headquarters of the Foreign Affairs department was brought up between the prime minister and the Her Majesty. The Liberals replaced the portrait with paintings by Quebec artist Alfred Pellan. Now that would have been a good conversation starter.

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