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This Festive Season Mix & Mingle Like a Pro!

Culture & Lifestyle Oct 16, 2015

Stop being a wallflower and put your phone away. Here are tips on how to mingle like a superstar. 

The holiday season is upon us and although most of us are looking forward to partying the night away, others get anxious at the thought of making small talk with new people.

Are you afraid of large crowds or get stumped when approached by a stranger? Fear not; here are some tips that will turn you from a wallflower to a social butterfly at the next Diwali or Christmas party.

Get In The Know

Always follow-up with the host after accepting an invite to a party. Ask them more about the event and what is the dress code. You don't want to be the only one who shows up in ripped jeans and a crop top to a Diwali Pooja. You will not only offend the host but the guests as well. Ask how many people will be there and what will be the age group so you will feel better prepared and less anxious about the event.

Ask the host if they need any help with planning or food prep. Chances are that with larger affairs responsibilities are split between close friends. So offer to help with decorations or setting up. This is a good way to start meeting some people that might be at the party. 

Be Attentive

When at a party don't just stand in the corner sipping your drink or staring at your phone because you don't know everyone, instead walk around the room and pay attention to the people around you. If you find someone directly looking at you, smile and step forward to introduce yourself. Be attentive of the conversations around you and don't be afraid to approach a group who is talking about something interesting. Just join in and say "Oh are you talking about the last episode of Game of Thrones, that's my favourite show too!" Or say "I couldn't help but overhear your disappointment on the cricket line-up." 

Join in on some wedding prep fun.
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If you are at a wedding event like a Mehndi and see a group decorating trays with henna or flowers, offer to join in. Find out about any dance performances or skits that you can be a part of. Weddings are one of the best ways to meet new people and make friends.

Be The "Yes" Man/Woman

If people decide to play a game, don't sit out. Usually the party goers are divided into teams and you have a much better chance of connecting with a small group of people than a large one. Also don't be afraid of the spotlight. If you get picked to sing karaoke in front of the crowd, just go for it. If you have to play charades or host a game, do it. This way you will seem open and approachable. People will know your name and they will be more likely to come talk to you after and remember you because of it. 

Don't be shy, take the stage.
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Keep It Light

Don't drink too much. As an adult it's just not socially acceptable to act like you are in a sorority or a frat house. Same goes with your conversation. Don't talk too much. Give others a chance to speak and remember not to talk over others. Keep the conversation light and don't ask personal questions. Try and stay away from current political or religious conflicts. 

In the beginning of a conversation ask open ended questions, not questions whose answer will end in yes or no. Ask: How did you meet the host? instead of saying Did you go to school together? Or Where was your last vacation? versus Did you go on a vacation? Help carry the conversation forward with follow-up questions or comments. To end a conversation or excuse yourself from the person say, I better go say hello to the host or It was nice talking to you, I should grab a bite.

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Be Positive

Keep smiling throughout the party. It is the best way to attract someone into your life. Do not frown or complain about the party, the music or food because you will bring people down. Stay pleasant and stick to talking about positives in your life even if you are having a bad day. Do not over think conversations or situations. Keep calm, relax and go with the flow. 

Remember, it takes time to gain trust and build friendships. So do not be discouraged. Get out there and start mingling.

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