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New Generation Of iPhone and iPad Launched

Culture & Lifestyle Sep 12, 2015

The wait is over! The new generation of Apple products is here and, as we’ve come to expect, the improvements are a big step up.

Apple claims the iPhone 6s is now the most advanced smart phone in the world. With an upgraded A9 processor chip, the device’s hardware is now 70 per cent faster in CPU tasks and 90 per cent faster in terms of graphics tasks than the previous A8 chip. The primary camera has been upgraded from 8 mega pixels to 12 with the capability to shoot very high resolution, 4k videos. The front facing camera is now boosted to 5 mp and screen brightness can also be increased three fold to create a "retina flash" for those pesky low light selfies.

The new iPhone 6s has higher resolution primary and front cameras
Source: Apple

One of the most significant improvements is the introduction of ‘3-D touch’ making the screen not only touch-sensitive, but pressure-sensitive as well. Early reviews suggest the new function is highly intuitive and enhances the user experience considerably. A harder than normal press on the camera app shortcut for example, will launch several options, including one that directly engages the front camera to take selfies.

iPhone 6s now has 3-D touch technology.
Photo Credit: Apple

The new iPad Pro has also seen some vast improvements, moving up from merely a "viewing tool" to a "doing tool."


The new iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch screen.
Photo Credit: Apple

Along with a much larger 12.9-inch screen, the iPad Pro pairs with an unexpected product from Apple — a pressure sensitive stylus called Apple Pencil. The input device works well for both photo editing and sketching or graphic designing. Apple Founder Steve Jobs famously said, “If you see a stylus, they blew it” when launching the first generation of iPhones. But with vast improvements in technology and the intuitive nature of the pencil, it fits in nicely with the rest of the Apple universe. In addition, an optional magnetic keyboard improves functionality and makes the iPad Pro competitive with other portable computers on the market.

The Apple Pencil works as an intuitive input device for graphic design and photo editing.
Photo Credit: Apple

The new iPhone is available for purchase this month for $649 US for an iPhone 6s and $749 US for the 6s Plus. The iPad Pro is set to release in November of this year and it's priced at $799 US for the 32 GB version, $949 US for the 128 GB version and a 4G enabled 128 GB device will cost $1,079 US.

Main Image Photo Credit: Apple

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