Culture & Lifestyle / The Rishi Rich Projects Returns With FREAK!

The Rishi Rich Projects Returns With FREAK!

Culture & Lifestyle Sep 21, 2015

The wait is over…its time to FREAK out with the new single by The Rishi Rich Project!!!

12 years after the smash hit ‘Dance With You’ (Nachna Tere Naal) reached number 12 in the UK Singles Chart, the reunion track that millions of fans across the world have been waiting for is finally here! The Rishi Rich Projects triumphantly returns with their new single 'FREAK' which is sure to let all music lovers unleash their inner freak.

FREAK! is probably the most anticipated release of the decade and it’s sure to delight and surprise both hard core followers of the three stars: R&B sensation Jay Sean, Punjabi rockstar Juggy D and legendary music producer Rishi Rich.

Snap shot of Jay Sean (L), Rishi Rich (C) and Juggy D (R) during the making of FREAK!
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FREAK! was recorded in London and features a fusion of R&B and punjabi lyrics produced in a slick, ear catching manner by the magical production talent of Rishi Rich. With Jay Sean's iconic R&B melodies and Juggy D's powerful Punjabi lyrics, FREAK! is a great fusion track that brings together the modern day South Asian beat wtih a traditional touch.

Legendary Music Producer, Rishi Rich
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"When we originally got together we were just 3 friends from West London wanting to make music, we didn't realise the impact it would have. The Rishi Rich Project really shaped all 3 of us in perfecting our craft. The chemistry we have when we get together in the studio is pure magic and we have a lot of fun. We are like brothers, always have been and always will be. Working on FREAK! was amazing. It's hard to find artists who are really tuned into each other's skills and bring the best out of each other" said Rishi Rich when asked about the experience working on FREAK!

Punjabi Rockstar, Juggy D
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“The fans really supported "Dance With You" and I think they'll love this new vibe. Loved working with my brothers again we just about to turn up the FREAK-UENCY!” added Juggy D.

R&B Music Sensation, Jay Sean
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Jay Sean continues: "This song has been one of the most fun experiences I've had in all my time writing and recording, getting back in the studio with my best friends, my brothers, to do something special for our fans after over a decade, so much laughter and fun in the process. I hope our fans enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it."

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Check out some fun behind-the-scenes footage of the reunion and re-making of The Rishi Rich Project, right here.

To hear the FULL Track, click the video below…

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