Showbiz / JoSH x Samsung: Canadian Bhangra Duo Collabs With Tech Giant In Their #CaptureYourJourney Series

JoSH x Samsung: Canadian Bhangra Duo Collabs With Tech Giant In Their #CaptureYourJourney Series

Showbiz Oct 21, 2019

Canadian musicians, Qurram “Q” Hussain and Rup Magon  from the Indo-Pakistani bhangra pop music group, JoSH collaborate with Samsung for a four-part series. They shared their journey with us through their JoSH x Samsung #CaptureYourJourney series. 
What happens when technology meets creativity? You get #CaptureYourJourney videos — an initiative by Samsung Electronics Canada in partnership with international chart-toppers, JoSH the Band. JoSH is a Canadian Indo-Pakistani bhangra pop music group that has sold more than three million albums worldwide. The partnership spotlights the singer-songwriters behind JoSH, Rup Magon, and Qurram “Q” Hussain, with a series that showcases their inspiring journey to becoming close bandmates and international recording stars.
JoSH x Samsung
JoSH x Samsung: (L-R): “Q” Qurram Hussain with Rup Magon at the Samsung Experience Store at The CF Toronto Eaton Centre. Photo Credit: Mrinalini Sundar
The duo partnered with Samsung for several years and this time they are using the Galaxy A series to narrate their story. “The four-part series covers a certain part of our journey that has brought us this far. The first part is about how we started and the second one talks about a day in the light of JoSH. As part of the third episode, we talk about celebrating different occasions — from Eid, Diwali, to Thanksgiving and how we are able to do that in Canada. The last one is how we are connected with our families when we are on tour. Being in Canada, we had the opportunity to live our dreams and never give up because we had the option to do that. It is incredible that Samsung becomes synonymous with capturing those moments. The one thing JoSH always believed in is persistence, passion for what you do, and we are happy to see Samsung partnering with us,” shares Q.
JoSH x Samsung
JoSH x Samsung: The massive Samsung Experience Store at CF Toronto Eaton Centre. Photo Credit: Mrinalini Sundar


The association was announced at the Samsung Electronics Experiential store at CF Toronto Eaton Centre. It’s the sixth store in Canada and the largest one to date in the country. Enter the spacious, well-lit, massive store and you find yourself holding some technologically advanced devices — like their watch which is more than a lifestyle companion in a watch. It tells you your heart rate, steps, and breathing. But it goes a little bit further — you can personalize the background or watch a video on your watch!
Talking about Samsung, the brand and their association with JoSH, David Allard, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics Canada, noted, “our brand is looking to create human-driven innovation that defies barriers of progress. We are looking for cultural collaboration that helps us show the power of our product. JoSH the band, embody the spirit of defying barriers. The A-series is about connecting, capturing, sharing, and consuming live content from wherever you are. We want to inspire Canadians to capture their journey like JoSH the band.”
Rup and Q are a conglomeration of different communities. While the duo is proud of it, that’s not the intent of their work. “Whether we write a song, or you see the lyrics or style — we do stuff that matters to us and what represents us and our expression. I think that’s what has kept us connected with our fans. They are getting a piece of our honesty. We are glad we are a positive face to different communities,” says Q. As for their next song, the duo is excited to bring to their fans, “Tujh Mein”, their next single.
One of their all-time-hits is “Mausam”, a remixed version of the original song crooned by Naheed Akthar. Talking about the era of remixes, Rup says, “There’s nothing wrong with remixes. We have done it, too. In some ways, it is harder to reimagine a song that is already popular and in people’s heads. Any decision has to be inspired by something. It cannot be like — everybody’s doing remixes, let’s do one, too. When Rup heard “Mausam” — we loved the song and we wanted to do something. It came from that honest place.”
JoSH x Samsung
JoSH x Samsung: The first episode of the four-part series of JoSh in association with Samsung. Photo Credit: Mrinalini Sundar

For a lot of musicians, Bollywood is the dream. What is it like for this duo? “That was our goal once upon a time. But we realised that irrespective of what market you want to be in, you have to live in that. It is difficult to live here and become a star in India. We are Canadian artistes and we are looking forward to doing a lot more Canadian music festivals, and shows, but if Pritam comes tomorrow and asks us to sing a song – we would love that, too,” Rup laughs.

Every artiste as a back story — that of struggle and angst like JoSH. But these days access to the internet has made things simple. “It all depends on the product. It always should be quality over quantity. The current gen has more means now to put stuff out. Back then, we had to go through a record company and that came with its own set of challenges. But there is a saturation. This practice of putting more and more doesn’t stick,” shares Q.
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