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A Tough Pill To Swallow For Kim Kardashian

Showbiz Aug 14, 2015

It’s no surprise to anyone that Kim Kardashian has made a living from being, well, Kim Kardashian!

Love her or hate her, it’s undeniable that she’s a shrewd businesswoman and has parlayed her initial notoriety via a well-known “leaked” video into a multi-million dollar empire. From shoes, apparel and tanning products to a hugely successful phone app, there isn’t much she doesn’t sell, sponsor or promote.

Kim Kardashian promoting a tanning product

While she’s free to use her image as she sees fit, this time around, she might have crossed the line from endorsing products to endangering the public! Kim is famously pregnant with her second child with husband Kanye West, and she seems to have taken the opportunity to monetize her life once again.

In a post on her Instagram, she exclaimed “OMG. Have you heard about this? As you guys know my #morningsickness has been pretty bad…” and continued on to proclaim the benefits of a drug called Diclegis. She further stated that she has partnered with the manufacturer to “raise awareness about treating morning sickness.”

Kim Kardashian endorsing a morning sickness pill on Instagram
Source: Kim Kardashian Official Instagram Page


According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Food & Drug Administration has made it clear that social media posts supporting medical products could violate the law. Accordingly, the FDA issued a warning, ordering that the post be deleted. The reasoning is simple: It is strictly forbidden to promote a drug without any mention of the risks.

Further, the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion has ordered that the company send out another post, preferably via Kim, containing truthful material and a full disclosure of risks, The Guardian reports. This is to ensure that the same audience that was presumably misled will receive the correct information.

Kim Kardashian has over 34 million Twitter followers
Source: Kim Kardashian Official Twitter Page

Kim Kardashian has 42 million Instagram followers and 34 million Twitter followers. Wielding influence over that large a population is impressive, but many might say it implies a huge responsibility to those who hang on her every word. So the situation prompts some questions. What is the extent of that responsibility? And do influential celebrities have an ethical duty towards their adoring public? And, if so, is it acceptable to forgo those duties in the name of the almighty dollar, even at the risk of public safety?

Let us know what you think. Do you consider Kim’s post to be lying by omission with dangerous consequences or simply another harmless Kardashian caper?

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