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Getting Your Lips Winter Ready For The Holidays

Beauty Nov 22, 2015

Every woman feels instantly sexier in red lips. Here's how to master the look this festive season.

Pair your little black dress with perfect red lips at your next party. Afraid you can't pull them off? Think again. Just like a little black dress is universal, so are red lips. Women of any skin tone can rock red! But does your lipstick look different than it does on the package? Does it look sloppy or runs outside your lips? Red lipstick application is an art and it takes practice to get it right. So leave your fear of red lips behind and get the perfect application with these tips.


A red lipstick brings attention to your lips and dry chapped lips will only highlight the imperfections more. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your lips before any lipstick application. You can dampen a washcloth and rub it against your lips in circular motion for a few minutes to take off dead skin. Pat dry and apply your favorite lip balm. 

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You can also make a two-ingredient lip scrub yourself to use daily on your lips. Take one tablespoon of white or brown sugar and honey and mix together. If you would like you can also substitute olive oil or coconut oil for the honey. As part of your weekly beauty routine apply it with your finger or with an old toothbrush on your lips in a circular motion. Then wash off and apply Vaseline.


South Asian women are usually a victim of pigmented lips or discoloration around the mouth. Apply a thin layer of your concealer or the remainder of your foundation on your brush to your lips and pat dry. This will create a unicolor canvas for your lipstick and also make the application smooth. If the corner of your mouth is dark, apply an orange concealer underneath your foundation to color correct.


To give a clean edge to the lipstick make sure you use a lip liner close to the shade of your lipstick to line your lips. If you find it difficult to line your cupids bow then make an X in the center of your upper lip. Then apply your liner on one side to the edge of the mouth then the other. Then line the bottom of the lip starting with the curve in the middle then connecting it with the sides of your mouth. 

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Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick. This will give you more control on your lips and it make it easier to build up the color. Start in the center of your lips and then drag the brush to the edges in strokes until you cover the entire lip. This way you won't accidently end up applying the color outside your lip liner.

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Clean up the edges of your lips using a concealer, using a brush to cover up any mistakes. Use a setting powder on the edges of your mouth which will set the lipstick in place and prevent any colour bleeding. Leave it on for 10 minutes and brush it off.

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