Showbiz / BUZZ: 5 Reasons Why We Still Love Salman Khan

BUZZ: 5 Reasons Why We Still Love Salman Khan

Showbiz Jun 10, 2015

5 Reasons Why We Still Love Salman Khan (and You Should Too!)

1. Street cred

Salman Khan escorted by police during his most recent hit-and-run sentencing. Photography credit:

He got it from doing time (well, almost doing time). Anyone who knows a thing or two about marketing and personal branding knows that doing hard time (or even community service, which seems to be the popular choice for our Hollywood celebs) gives you street cred like no other. In 2006, Khan was sentenced to five years for killing an endangered buck, but he ended up serving three days before getting out on bail. Then he was on  “parole” (gotta love the Indian justice system) for 13 years for culpable homicide not resulting in death for a hit-and-run. It did look, for that brief moment at least, like he was going straight to the big house. But nope. However, the mere thought of our shirtless hero behind bars sent his fans into a frenzy. So yeah, there’s that.

2. His fear of shirts 

 Look, ma! No shirt! 

And speaking of shirtless, when you have abs that look photoshopped, you take your shirt off any chance you get, right? That heart-tugging scene when he says goodbye to his dying mother, as she lay bedridden in the hospital isn’t worthy of a slight shirt lift? Bite your tongue. It’s totally appropriate. 

3. He’s philanthropic

Photo credit: Being Human Foundation 

All kidding aside, Salman definitely knows the value of giving back. His Being Human Foundation and his Being Human Clothing Line raise funds to help the underprivileged with healthcare and educational projects.

4. He's a doting brother 

Band of brothers at Arpita's Wedding.

He sure is! When his sister Arpita’s wedding pretty much broke the Internet (sorry, Kim — Arpita totally did), one thing we couldn't ignore was how awesome it was to see the entire Khan family’s band of brothers come together to send their baby sister off to wedded bliss. Heartstrings have been tugged. 

5. Ending the cold war 

Okay, sure. We might be overdramatizing this a bit with the whole Cold War reference, but ask anyone out there. The SRK and Salman feud was serious celebrity fodder for pretty much a generation if you really think about it. So when they were seen together. It blew up. And that's another reason why Arpita broke the Internet. When SRK came to the celebrations, the years-long feud between Salman and SRK dissolved into mushy bromance at the blink of an eye. I literally felt the ground underneath my feet move when I saw that viral photo of both kissing Arpita. I mean, come on! And SRK did more than just that, he retweeted the teaser trailer for Salman’s upcoming post-almost-jail time release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. I mean if your former enemy is retweeting you then yeah it’s all good. 

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