Open Chest / Episode 14: #SheInspiresMe Playlist

Episode 14: #SheInspiresMe Playlist

Open Chest Sep 09, 2019

Hi Friends!

Toronto International Film Festival 2019 is happening now! And its #SheInspiresMe initiative – aimed at promoting and creating awareness of women in film – is in its second year running.

In honor of #SheInspiresMe, Raj dedicates this week’s episode to a music playlist, in honor of supporting our need to empower our girls and our women. So if you are feeling the need for that extra bit of inspiration, Raj recommends setting your mindset to listen to the words of each song that she has personally selected from some past episodes. Enjoy!



Farah Khan

Farah Khan


Farah joined ANOKHI LIFE while finishing up her degree in English Literature and Writing at the University of Toronto. Her position since then has expanded across all departments, everything from office administration and corporate affairs, to ANOKHI's online presence and events. . .