Open Chest / Episode 13: Conversation With Tamanna Roashan

Episode 13: Conversation With Tamanna Roashan

Open Chest Aug 20, 2019

Hi Friends!

Ever wonder how some people are able to build, sustain, and grow brand loyalty, authority, and successful businesses and others aren’t? Then this week’s episode is for you! In this episode Raj brings back her ‘Women Who Empower’ series, with a focus on two exceptional women who’s brands have stood the test of time.

  • In a new segment called ‘Open Chest Spotlight’ (short & sweet convos), Raj chats with Asma Mahmood who is the co-founder of North America’s longest running, SouthAsian multi-disiplinary arts festival MOSAIC.
  • In ‘Open Chest Exclusive’, Raj chats with the uber successful makeup and beauty educator, entrepreneur, influencer Tamanna Roashan of DressYourFace and DressYourFaceLIVE, who has built a multi-million dollar business from scratch.

These woman are the OGs of their respective worlds, who share rare nuggets of wisdom on why and how they did it.



Farah Khan

Farah Khan


Farah joined ANOKHI LIFE while finishing up her degree in English Literature and Writing at the University of Toronto. Her position since then has expanded across all departments, everything from office administration and corporate affairs, to ANOKHI's online presence and events. . .