Open Chest / Episode 15: Conversation With Stars Of YouTwoTV

Episode 15: Conversation With Stars Of YouTwoTV

Open Chest Sep 17, 2019

Highlights From Hotstar Presents The ANOKHI Awards 2017

Hi Friends!

In this week’s episode:

  • In ‘Open Chest Vault’, Raj takes you back to 2017 and a chat that she had with Jaz Saini and Hajit Bhandal from Canadian Youtube sensation, YouTwoTV. Here the duo talk about the work ethic that built their global brand.
  • In ‘Open Chest Spotlight’, Raj speaks with actress Mahira Khan who shares her take on who she believes today’s Pakistani women to be.
  • In ‘Open Chest Exclusive’, Raj reveal details about why she decided to launch the ANOKHI UNCENSORED radio show for ANOKHI LIFE on Rukus Avenue Radio, premiering next week!


Photo: YouTwoTV Win Award At ANOKHI Awards 2017. 

Farah Khan

Farah Khan


Farah joined ANOKHI LIFE while finishing up her degree in English Literature and Writing at the University of Toronto. Her position since then has expanded across all departments, everything from office administration and corporate affairs, to ANOKHI's online presence and events. . .