Open Chest / Episode 17: Conversation With Sheetal Sheth

Episode 17: Conversation With Sheetal Sheth

Open Chest Oct 15, 2019

Hi Friends!

In this week’s episode, Raj is in conversation with her friend and actress, author and producer Sheetal Sheth, to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month. This is Raj’s 3rd interview with this remarkable woman. Sheth is a pioneering, award-winning actress of the South Asian American films genre, as has spent almost two decades in mainstream films and tv.

In this chat, Sheth opens up about her recent diagnosis of breast cancer and how she has been dealing with it on a personal level. She also discusses managing conversations around her daughters, family, and friends, and what resources she taps into, to help her find peace around it all.

You will find this very insightful!




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Farah Khan


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