Open Chest / Episode 16: Conversation With Nadiya Shah

Episode 16: Conversation With Nadiya Shah

Open Chest Oct 08, 2019

Hi Friends!

In this week’s episode, Raj chats with world-renowned astrologer Nadiya Shah. . .

Some Facts On Shah:

  • Author of ‘Astrology Realized’ available on Amazon now
  • Author of ‘The Body & The Cosmos’ available on Amazon on December 8th
  • Syndicated Video Astrologer with over 120,000 subscribers on #YouTube
  • Entrepreneurial educator & founder of Synchronicity University
  • One of a few in the world with a Master’s degree in Cosmology & Divination from Kent University in England
  • Certified badass babe.

She talks about:

  • What astrology is & why it’s more important now than ever before
  • Knowing your identity & tapping into your truth
  • The power of feeling pain
  • Ancestral cause & effect on future generations
  • How to use astrology to benefit your life and more

Shah is insightful, candid, honest, raw, and palpable as she navigates Raj through her visceral journey to discovering her calling to make astrology accessible to all of mankind




Farah Khan

Farah Khan


Farah joined ANOKHI LIFE while finishing up her degree in English Literature and Writing at the University of Toronto. Her position since then has expanded across all departments, everything from office administration and corporate affairs, to ANOKHI's online presence and events. . .