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Blow Dryers 101

Beauty Mar 11, 2014

Spring may be on the horizon and heaters may no longer be needed, but this is one heat source that you can’t live without all year round. The blow dryer is a heat source that provides you with that gorgeous blow out or that quick dry before heading out the door. Either way a proper blow dryer can save you and your hair a lot of time and money. 

Some may go to the local store to buy a $30 blow dryer that you would have to replace every year or you can purchase one that will last you at least triple that time. Either way a proper blow dryer can save you and your hair a lot of time and money.

Think of it as an investment in your personal care and beauty, but before you run out and purchase a professional blow dryer there are a few elements you need to know.

Choosing a blow dryer may seem pretty straight forward but it’s in analyzing the details that makes the most difference.

All hair types should look for:

—Ionic technology that creates negative ions to lock moisture in and smooth the hair’s cuticles.
—Ceramic and tourmaline technologies that help eliminate frizz and reduce drying time.
—Cool shot button that helps set your style for a longer lasting hold.
—Concentrator attachment that allows you to concentrate air flow, fight frizz, and focus styling.

For the most common South Asian hair types: 

Thick & wavy 

—Stronger air flow for faster drying time.
—Multiple heat settings that help you alternate between low and high temperatures (use cooler air for styling and higher heats for faster drying time).
—Diffuser that helps create well-defined, smoother curls or a pik that helps smooth extra curly strands by combing the hair as you blow it dry.

Thin & Straight:

—Multiple heat settings with lower settings that help reduce heat damage.
—Ion button that can turn off the ionic technology, enhancing the hair’s volume.

The wattage alone will help you dry your hair 10 times faster, and give you a professional blow-dry look when using over 1500 watts. Adjust the heat levels according to your hair type, for thick hair use a higher heat level and for thinner hair use a lower heat level. This will control the heat applied to your hair and will help you refrain from over-heating and breakage.

At the end of your blow out hit it with a cold shot (usually the blue button) to lock in shine.

When you purchase your new professional blow dryer you receive two attachments with it, a nozzle which is standard if you’re lucky, a diffuser too.

Terms like tourmaline, ceramic and ionic are attached to professional blow dryers. As they give the branded technology of a better blow dry.

Combining all three technologies will help you dry your hair faster and leave it shiny with less breakage. Ionic and tourmaline both generate negative ions, these two elements help eliminate static, frizz and decrease your drying time while hair dyer’s made from ceramic materials keep your blow dryer cool and running longer.

Now that you have all the info to help you purchase the right  professional hair dryer for you, here are my personal favourite three that have everything you will need to make your hair look and feel fabulous. 


L-R: Babyliss Hair Dryer// Moroccanoil Hair DryerAmika Hair Dryer/ Pic credit: cdn1.bigcommerce/ moroccanoil/ amazon

Featured Image: milagrossalons

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