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7 Scary Ingredients To Look For In School Lunches!

Culture & Lifestyle May 26, 2013

Going back to school is an exciting yet stressful time for children and especially parents. Not only do parents have to worry about getting their child to school, the classes they’re taking, important dates to remember, if they have all their school supplies and everything else school related, but they have to especially keep an eye out for the lunch’s their children are having each and every school day.

With all the unnatural ingredients and unhealthy food available, making a healthy, new and exciting lunch box for the week is harder than it seems. According to Andrea Donsky who is a registered holistic nutritionist, Founder of the Toronto-based natural health website, and author of the freshly released book Label Lessons: Your Guide to a Healthy Shopping Cart, there are the “7 scary” ingredients in most processed foods that all parents should keep an extra eye out for.

These 7 ingredients include, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Trans Fats, Artificial Flavours, MSG, Artificial colors, Artificial Sweeteners and Preservatives.

1. High-Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a sweetener and its liquid calories are more likely to add to weight gain compared to calories from solid foods. HFCS goes straight to your liver where it is converted to fat, which can lead to the increase of heart disease.

2. Trans Fat

Trans fats are referred to as partially hydrogenated oils which are put into foods to increase the shelf life and increase desired consistency, but what most people are not aware of is the increase risk of heart attacks, obesity, and diabetes that Trans fats cause. It is shown that Trans fats cause 30,000 deaths a year, which should be a major eye opener to all parents.

3. Artificial Flavours

They have a very ambiguous persona, as most people don’t understand the underlining meaning of artificial. What people typically don’t know is that artificial flavours could be simply a single unnatural additive or a compilation of hundreds of harmful chemicals.

4. MSG

It is 4th on the list and is another artificial flavour found in thousands of processed foods. Although MSG has been regarded as generally safe, there have been several complaints about reactions to foods containing MSG, such as swelling, numbness, heart problems, nausea and overall weakness to one’s body. Luckily, there are an abundance of safe products that do not contain MSG and are ready for purchasing.

5. Artificial Colours

Going along with the artificial ingredients, is artificial colours. Although they make foods look pretty, the effect to one’s health is far from pretty. Artificial colours have been shown to affect children’s behaviours with such problems as hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

6. Artificial sweeteners

It shows up at number 6 on the list of scary ingredients, has been linked to several adverse effects, including headaches, altering mood changes, dizziness, and memory loss. This ingredient has reported the most complaints than any other food preservative and some early studies indicated it may cause cancer in animals.

7. Preservatives

Finally, our last scary ingredient is preservatives which have been shown to affect kidney and liver function while affecting your immune system.

The best way to create a healthy lunch box is by avoiding the “7 scary” ingredients, which can be accomplished by reading the label and keeping an eye out for synonyms to the “7 scary ” or by purchasing unprocessed fresh foods. Finding healthy alternatives to junk food and knowing about the foods your buying will allow your child to enjoy a full lunch box of healthy alternatives each and every day!,


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