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Fall Bridal Bouquets

Beauty Sep 20, 2013

Seeing a bride walk down the aisle with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers is the epitome of a picture-perfect moment on any bride’s wedding day.

Next to the bride herself, her bouquet is a center piece that is like the icing to a cake in wedding photos. Did you know that in ancient times, brides not only wore a veil to ward off evil spirits but also carried a bouquet of strong herbs such as thyme and garlic? In addition to keeping evil spirits away, this ritual also helped to camouflage certain 'smells' as bathing was not a daily ritual.

Traditionally, Indian brides don’t carry a bridal bouquet, but in keeping with the saying ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’, modern Indian brides have borrowed this lovely new tradition and have started incorporating it into their own wedding day.

A couple of key suggestions to keep in mind when selecting your bridal bouquet: cost, color, size and decor.

As we step out of summer into fall, there is a wealth of gorgeous flowers Autumn Brides can choose from ranging from Asiatic Lillie’s to calla lilies and the timeless and classic roses.

Take advantage of the fall’s floral abundance as this can help make your bridal bouquet more budget-friendly instead of choosing out of season flowers, which can cost a pretty penny.

Take a peek at a few of my favourite bouquets for the Fall.

Pic credit: 6 of Four Photography 

I mentioned Pantone’s Fall Color Trend Report back in August and incorporating those rich colours of royal purple, vivid red, soothing blue, passionate fuchsia, and warm orange into your bridal bouquet will make you the perfect Fall bride. When selecting your bouquet, you should keep in mind not only the color of your own dress, but also what your bridesmaids (if you have them) are wearing and carrying.

Pic credit: Aaron Eye Photography 

I would suggest carrying the bouquet in such a way so that the flowers are placed in front of your stomach thereby allowing your beautiful wedding day wardrobe to stand out and shine. 

Pic credit: Kumari Photo + Cinema

Your bouquet should be larger if not slightly different then your bridesmaids’, to create contrast in photos. Consider the colours they will be wearing and have fun by matching with that color family or use an opposite color for the bridesmaid bouquets for a gorgeous contrast.

Pic credit: Lin & Jirsa 

Remember, you are the center of attention on your special day and your bouquet should complete the picture, not outshine you. Also keep in mind where you hold your bridal bouquet, it’s easy to hold it up as high as possible, but then you may inadvertently hide your ornate bridal blouse or sari.

Pic credit: Binita Patel Photography 

Last but not least, the size of the bouquet is equally important. Consider your wardrobe, personal style, and personality when opting for a dazzling large bouquet, a trailing arrangement or a handful of lovely flowers that are the perfect accent to your bridal outfit. 

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