/ Toronto International Flamenco Festival

Toronto International Flamenco Festival

Feb 04, 2014

Some of the hottest flamenco dancers and musicians displayed electrifying performances at the seventh annual Toronto International Flamenco Festival from October 13 to 20 at the Ryerson Theatre. The festival was a perfect celebration of internationally acclaimed and Canadian artists showcasing the best of flamenco. Susana Lupiáñez Pinto (also known as La Lupi), one of Spain’s foremost flamenco dancers, pleased the audience with her intimate, soul-bearing solo performance. “This has been my world since I was young,” La Lupi commented. “It can be a tough life, practicing daily and traveling extensively. But you meet amazing people like Lionel [Félix] (the festival’s founder and executive producer) and all those that come to this festival. My company and I have been very fortunate to be a part of it and always enjoy the experience.” Toronto-based Japanese artist Rie Ishizuka with her Flamenco groups Renka and Triana Project were the opening performers for La Lupi. The festival offered two free absolute beginner flamenco classes; workshops in singing, dance choreography and guitar; film screenings; and a free performance and artist talk with the Triana Project.



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