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5 Tips To Keep Your Body Hydrated

Culture & Lifestyle Dec 19, 2014

Give Your Body The Much Needed Hydration This Winter

It can be tough to keep skin glowing in winter, especially when we're exposed to extreme temperature variations. Cold weather and dry heat can contribute to parched skin. Because we cover up more in winter, we sometimes neglect to moisturize our bodies — but they need hydration as much as our faces do.

Nobody likes dry, flaky, itchy skin, so here are a few tips from Biotherm's expert Natalie Ryan, National Retail Education Manager, for giving your body some much-needed hydration during the winter.   

Start from the inside out 

You hear it all the time: "you are what you eat." Experts agree that diet can influence on your skin. When it comes to staving off winter dryness, healthy eating habits can go a long way. Try adding foods rich in omega 3s to your diet, such as salmon, nuts and olive oil. These heart-healthy fats are also great for your skin. Keeping hydrated is also important: make sure that you're getting in plenty of fluids like herbal tea, water and broth.     

Turn the heat down & humidify

It’s so tempting to crank up the heat on those cold days and jump into an extra-hot bath or shower. However, all of these things contribute to drying out your skin. Try to take warm (not scalding) showers and invest in a humidifier to add much-needed moisture back into your home. 

Ditch your soap bar

Biotherm Cleansing Shower Milk
Biotherm Cleansing Shower Milk 

Harsh soaps can strip skin of its natural oils. Trade out your soap bar for a moisturizing and nourishing body wash, such as Biotherm’s Cleansing Shower Milk, enriched with skin-softening emollients. To maximize your hydration routine, use a body exfoliant once per week to slough off dead skin cells that could be creating a barrier, preventing your skin from properly absorbing your moisturizer. Biotherm’s gentle exfoliating milk with citrus essence and apricot seed leaves your skin smooth and ready to drink up your moisturizer.

Give your skin much-needed moisture

Anti - drying Body Milk
Biotherm’s anti-drying body milk

If you're the type to skimp on body moisturizer, it’s time to turn up the dial on your routine! You should be applying moisturizer onto damp skin every time you step out of the shower.

This is the best time to ensure maximum results, since it seals in the moisture. Biotherm’s anti-drying body milk enriched with citrus and olive oils creates a protective barrier for your skin.

Body Butter
Biotherm’s Body Butter

You can also add a deep moisturizing body butter to your routine at night, and pay particular attention to dry areas that tend to lose more moisture, such as knees and elbows. Biotherm’s Body butter is enriched with shea butter to provide extra nourishment to parched skin.

Don’t forget your hands and lips

Biotherm's Bomains

Your hands and lips take a serious beating from exposure to the elements, making them prone to extra dryness if left unprotected. Use a water-resistant hand cream such as Biotherm’s Biomains to keep your hands smooth and protected against harsh winter weather.

Lip Butter
Biotherm's hydrating Lip Butter

Throw it in your purse along with Biotherm’s hydrating lip butter and re-apply frequently.

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