Showbiz / Ungli: Karan Johar’s Latest Flick

Ungli: Karan Johar’s Latest Flick

Showbiz Nov 15, 2014

Sizzling Hot Action Comedy Ungli Set To Release This November

Karan Johar’s latest venture with Reliance Entertainment, action comedy Ungli (2014) is ready to release on November 27. The film stars Sanjay Dutt, Emraan Hashmi, Queen star Kangana Ranaut, Randeep Hooda, and Neha Dhupia. Directed by Rensil D’ Silva, this film is about a group of friends who become vigilantes in order to fight against the system and protect the city against crimes.

This film is about four friends: Abhay (a crime journalist), Maya (a medical intern), Goti (a computer hardware specialist), and Kalim (a garage owner). Their friendship begins at a gym and over the course of years, they become close to each other. The gym’s owner Ricky is killed in a hit and run, drunk driving crash by a man named Anshuman Dayal. Dayal, however, escapes scot free because his father has political leverage and thus escapes punishment. As they realize that the bureaucratic and legislative system is corrupt they decide to take action and form a gang named Ungli. Turning into vigilantes, these men reconfigure the power of the common man by using humour to straighten out the corrupt departments and officials.

In an interview, Johar informed that, “Ungli is an altogether new territory for us. It is Dharma's first film with Emraan and has a very different plot from the kind of subjects we have explored in the past. Rensil D'Silva has put his heart and soul into this one. We want to make sure that his good work is presented in the best way possible.”

D’Silva expressed similar passion, stating,“Ungli is a story about friendship and it's a very character driven film. It's about what happens when a gang of friends decide to take justice into their own hands.”

Similar to films like Rang De Basanti, No One Killed Jessica, and Special 26, this film speaks to the pertinent issues, which continue to remain highlighted in the Indian popular culture about the lack of government structure and corruption. Once again, the figure of the common man is invoked to inspire the audiences to fight for justice for victims and underprivileged.

Furthermore, this film is the debut of Aashiqui 2 actress Shraddha Kapoor as an item girl. Kapoor shares, “Karan (Johar) offered me the song and said: 'You have never been seen like this before. It's a very glamorous song.' So all that excited me and I said yes to it. The moment I heard the song, I was all the more excited as it's such a catchy song.” 

Here's a look at the new age Basanti:

Source, Image and Video courtesy : boxofficeguru


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