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Twinkle Makes A Comeback

Culture & Lifestyle Jul 22, 2015

You may all know Twinkle Khanna as the Bollywood actress of yesteryear — but have you met Mrs Funnybones?

Twinkle is not just the has-been wife of the successful star Akshay Kumar. This busy bee is a mother of two, the founder and co-chief executive officer of chain design stores in Mumbai called The White Window, and weekly contributor to Daily News and Analysis and the Times of India. We are not done yet. With all these accomplishments under her belt, she went ahead and wrote a book!

Twinkle Khanna has now added "author" to her long list of achievements. She scored a three-book deal with Penguin Random House. The first book releases on August 18 but is available for pre-order on Amazon. It’s based on Twinkle's witty blog posts in the Times of India as Mrs Funnybones (Twitter: @mrsfunnybones) where she documents the events of her day — a modern Indian woman’s observations, interactions with her mother-in-law and kids, and discussions of political and ethical issues.

Mrs Funnybones is not afraid to push the boundaries — discussing taboo topics like periods and sanitary napkins, gay rights and surrogacy. She has also taken jabs at politicians and religion. Her columns address current issues and news. This has earned her the respect and praise of stars like Parineeti Chopra, Karan Johar and Priyanka Chopra. 

This book caters to her columns' fans and, much like us, they can't wait to get their hands on Mrs Funnybones. Less than 30 days to go!


Images courtesy of Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra’s Twitter accounts and Twinkle Khanna’s Instagram account.
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