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How To Stay On Budget When Travelling

Culture & Lifestyle Jul 21, 2015

Travelling can really hit your bank account hard. Here are a few tips so you can enjoy your vacay without counting every penny along the way.

People often only do research to find the cheapest flights and hotels but go on a spending spree while on vacation. Eating anywhere when you’re hungry, making purchases on a whim and taking expensive tours can drain your wallet fast. Here are some tips to help you plan better and keep your budget in check during your next vacation.

Find a coupon for it.

A simple Google search can get you promotion codes or coupons for activities, restaurants and entertainment in any city. Also check websites like Groupon, Living Social and WagJag for concert tickets, half-price dinners at fancy restaurants, boat tours and even spa deals. Make sure to plan your activities and look for coupons in advance before heading to your destination.

Splurge on one fancy feast a day.

Breakfast could cost you anywhere from $15 to $30, lunch about $20 to $40 and a fancy dinner anywhere from $60 to over $100. Why splurge on all those meals when you can spend that money exploring the city instead? Buy breakfast items like fruit, cereal and granola bars from a local grocery store and enjoy breakfast in your room (in bed or on your balcony). A lot of fancy restaurants offer extravagant dishes in the afternoon but at half the cost, so eat there for lunch and not dinner. And look out for places that have happy hour where you can get two for one drinks or half-price food.

Keep your partying in check.

A night out at a club or bar could cost you $100 or more. Find other things to do in the city at night and don’t spend that much money on partying every night. Look for promotions where your ride to the club, entrance, dinner and drinks are included in one package price to make sure spending doesn’t get out of control.


San Francisco
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Skip the cab.

Don’t spend all your money taking cabs. There are cheaper options like Uber and public transit (and buy daily, weekly or monthly transit passes). And don’t forget to walk; there’s no better way to take in the sights and sounds of a new place.

Look for same-day deals.

If you want to catch a Broadway show in New York City or London, for example, you can purchase half price tickets the day of the show. In Vegas, comedy shows, concerts and dance shows offer discounted tickets the day of the event.

Don’t pay for a picture.

Stay away from taking snaps with Vegas show girls — they demand a $10 tip for the shot. This also goes for people dressed up as movie stars in Los Angeles or cartoon characters at Time Square in New York City.


Las Vegas
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Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! 

This is a favourite passion of South Asians. We don’t like paying full price for anything. If you’re buying souvenirs in bulk, don’t be afraid do haggle for a better price. Even when you are searching for a tour, ask around and don’t just settle for the first one.


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Join a group.

Don’t be afraid to approach people waiting for a cab in your hotel lobby; maybe you can split the cost of the cab with another couple. Or you could get group rates for tour activities and museum or zoo entrances.

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