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For The Sake Of Your Mental Health You Need To Watch These 5 TED Talks Now

Culture & Lifestyle Jul 25, 2018

Articles, videos, books; oh my! Thousands of resources exist relating to the matter of mental health. Don’t have days to filter through everything? We’ve got you covered; check out these 5 TED talks designed to teach and get you talking about mental health. Check out why we think you need to watch these 5 Ted talks now! 

The world’s interest in mental health is growing which has led to an increasing amount of resources to spread awareness and education. The downside of this increase is there’s so much available, it can become overwhelming; a search for ways to improve your mental health can ironically take its toll on it!

TED, for example, is a widely used non-profit organization that engages audiences by posting short, powerful videos. TED is educating millions across the world and we are grateful for its promotion of mental well-being and stigma-free dialogue. Mental health is such an important, broad topic that when you search it on TED, over 280 results pop-up!  To help ease your video viewing, check out our suggestions on TED’s that will help educate you about mental health while providing helpful tips for your well-being.

  • Mental health for all by involving all: In this TED, Vikram Patel, provides jaw dropping facts about the global crisis of people affected by mental illness (nearly 450 million people). Born in India, Vikram is known on an international scale for his work around mental health. Discussing the crisis but providing a positive, solution focused approach, viewers are left informed and inspired.
You Need To Watch These 5 TED Talks Now
You Need To Watch These 5 TED Talks Now   Vikram Patel talks solutions in his TED.  Photo Credit:


  • Why we all need to practice emotional first aid: In this TED, psychologist Guy Winch discusses why we feel comfortable seeking help (e.g. doctor’s visit) for physical pain but many still live in hesitation about seeking help for emotional pain. Winch makes fascinating points about the importance of mental health.


  • The power of vulnerability: With over 35 million views, this 20 minute talk with Brené Brown shares meaningful insights from research around the importance of vulnerability. In her quest to help understand humanity, Brown explains the importance of understanding shame and embracing imperfection. Sharing relatable, personal stories infused with humor, Brown’s ideas are thought-provoking, research based and certainly worth spreading!


  • How to make stress your friend: In this 14 minute TED, psychologist Kelly McGonigal recaps a research study on stress management and sheds an interesting light on how shifting our perspective on stress, can impacts our ability to cultivate joy in our lives.
You Need To Watch These 5 TED Talks Now
You Need To Watch These 5 TED Talks Now: Smile! Stress isn’t always a bad thing! Photo Credit:
  • The happy secret to better work: In this charming, 13 minute TED, Shawn Achor uses a fusion of storytelling and evidence based data to discuss the relationship between happiness and productivity. With over 17 million views, this popular TED spreads positivity; we couldn’t stop laughing!


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