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Chill Out! How To Mindfully Calm The Chaos In Your Mind

Culture & Lifestyle Aug 08, 2018

With the constant stream of negativity on the news and our brains dealing with 49 thoughts/minute, keeping calm is easier said than done! How can we be mindful in a fast-paced, materialistic world? We give you guidance on how to mindfully calm the chaos in your mind! 


Overwhelmed by everything in your personal life paired with the constant political turmoil? With mental illness, stress and depression in South Asian communities (and around the globe) on the rise, we have a lot to be concerned about. Many of us want to help, but don’t know how to start. Before we can positively impact others, we must embody the energy of peace we wish to preach; to help calm down the chaos in our communities, we must first focus on calming any commotion inside of us.


How To Mindfully Calm The Chaos In Your Mind
How To Mindfully Calm The Chaos In Your Mind: The world is in chaos but if we fight fire with fire we all may burn; be calm to help spread calm. Photo credit:


Not sure how to curb the chaos in your mind? Check out our calming tips:

Prioritize your peace: “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort” Elizabeth Gilbert (best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love). You want to be happy and peaceful? Start by recognizing it’s a conscious choice that won’t always be easy; feelings of sadness and anger may will always exist; they are a part of being human. You can help yourself live a calm life by prioritizing your peace; increase your awareness on what practices help calm you down (e.g. a gratitude journal, meditation, cooking) and prioritizing them.

Do less talk on how you need to relax and focus more on actions that get you relaxed. Stop saying “exercise is good for me but, I don’t have time” and move to “exercise is not a really a priority today so I won’t create time for it.” This shift will help empower you to remember you choose your priorities.


How To Mindfully Calm The Chaos In Your Mind
How To Mindfully Calm The Chaos In Your Mind: Slow down: chaos kills time, self-care creates it.  Photo Credit:


Pursue positive living: To help keep peace a priority, start the day with positive affirmations. Commit that you will put fourth effort into living a positive, calm way. We know not everyone is a morning person (especially before coffee) but this doesn’t have to be an elaborate practice. A simple set of self-talk including: “I feel grateful (to be alive today), I feel positive, I feel love, I feel calm; I commit to keeping this sense of calm inside me despite any chaos that comes my way.” A few positive phrases can help generate a peaceful energy that stays with you throughout your day.


How To Mindfully Calm The Chaos In Your Mind
How To Mindfully Calm The Chaos In Your Mind: Plan peaceful breaks: how do you feel calm?Photo Credit: Rachna Sethi/ @mindfullyyours


Plan peaceful moments: Do you have family member that causes you stress? A “loving” aunt who’s love gets lost in passive aggressive comments or blunt criticism? In the South Asian culture, the general response is to stay polite; pretend to keep the peace with an outward smile even if you feel inner chaos. In a perfect world, we could cut ties with negative people but our tips are designed for a realistic world; you can’t control people but you can control your reaction to them. Increase you’re awareness on who gets you heated and who cools you down. Once you know better, you can plan better; perhaps it’s leaving 5 minutes early to give yourself time for deep breathing before a family event. Maybe it’s scheduling a tea break after a stressful work meeting or listening to a relaxing song on your way home; whatever it is, prioritize creating time for something calming after anything that generate chaos.

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Rachna Sethi

Rachna Sethi


Rachna (@mindfullyyours)is a graduate of the Applied Mindfulness Meditation program from the University of Toronto, a certified Educator with two bachelor degrees and a diploma in Art Therapy. She's dedicated to living with a compassionate approach. Committed to helping people integrate Mindfulness...


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