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It’s Time To Get Lit With Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide

Culture & Lifestyle Jun 25, 2018

It’s officially patio, bbq, party, long weekend and pretty-much-any-excuse-to-have-a-cocktail-season, so grab some ice and glasses and get ready for imbibe-worthy cocktail recipes with our cool summer cocktail guide! 


The Tools

Mixing up cocktails at home become much easier since a number of retailers started stocking bar tool sets. The sets will have the shakers, mixers, jiggers, and openers that you need and then all thats left is to pick up the glasses. Start with 2-4 of each of the basics: the martini, highball, coupe, shot, wine, and rocks, and then expand your collection from there. If you’re hosting a party, they have plenty of plastic options available, that are more than just the red cups. Lets face it though, its got a hint something special it doesn’t matter what glass it’s in.


Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide
Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide: Cocktail Canteen, $45 CDN. Photo Credit: Chapters Indigo


Simple Syrup

Simple syrups are an easy way to switch up flavour profiles of drinks. Just substitute the same quantity of the original syrup for a flavoured one.
The base simple syrup is equal parts sugar and water warmed on the stove until sugar is dissolved and then cooled. To flavour the syrup, just add the flavours while the syrup is warming and then leave the flavours in while the syrup is cooling.

Flavours and Drinks


Add one inch of peeled and chopped fresh ginger, three green cardamom pods, a cinnamon stick, a few black peppercorns, and a few cloves (add one start a nice if desired) to simple syrup mix. Taste the syrup after a couple hours and if desired taste has been achieved, strain ingredients and place syrup in the fridge.

Chai syrup is best for bold, dark liqeurs. For an Old Fashioned with a chai kick, substitute the sugar for 3/4 ounces of chai simple syrup, (one serving). Serve it up over ice in a rocks glass.


Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide
Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide: Chai Spiced Old Fashioned. Photo Credit: Random Acts of Comfort


Spicy Ginger

Peel and thinly slice ginger and add half tablespoon black peppercorns to syrup base. Steep and let chill overnight, before removing flavours.
Perfect as the base for a fresh Moscow Mule, mix 1/4 cup syrup, with 3/4 cup soda water, juice of half a lime, and 1-2 ounces vodka, serve over ice in a highball glass. Or double the whole recipe, add the juice of one more lime, pour into popsicle moulds and freeze.


For cardamom infused simple syrup, use 20-25 green cardamom pods, (crushed and tied tightly cheese cloth or teabag) plus extra half cup sugar. Let pods steep up to overnight for maximum flavour and remove flavour pack.

Cardamom pairs well with fresh citrus flavours. Substitute cardamom syrup instead of simple syrup in for a Cardamom Pisco Sour, and serve in a coupe glass.


Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide
Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide: Cardamom Pisco Sour. Photo Credit: The Drink Blog


Frozen Treats

When mixing up batches of boozy popsicles, its important to stick to ratios and recipes because of the various freezing temperatures of alcohols, but hey if it doesn’t freeze then you’ve got a nice icy beverage to enjoy instead.

For a deconstructed bellini, blend some fresh peaches and berries, with the juice of a lemon and a touch of sugar and pour into moulds and freeze. Pour glasses of champagne or sparkling rose and add a fruit popsicle, it will sweeten and melt into the champagne.


Sassy Lassi

Add 2.5 cups frozen mango chunks to blender with one cup yogurt, 1/4 milk, and 1/2 dark rum. Blend until smooth and taste, add sugar a bit of sugar if needed and blend again. Pour into moulds, freeze and enjoy.


 Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide: Rum Mango Lassi Popsicles
Our Cool Summer Cocktail Guide: Rum Mango Lassi Popsicles. Photo Credit: The Little Epicurean



Main Image Photo Credit: Random Acts of Comfort 

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