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Tips On A Stress-Free Beach Vacation With South Asian Parents

Culture & Lifestyle Feb 02, 2017

So you want to go on a beach vacation and so do your South Asian parents? Don’t freak out. Here are our DIY tips on making your beach time blissful. 

Does planning a beach vacation with the family send a chill down your spine? Tensions run high trying to please everyone and taking into consideration your parents’ limitations and special needs can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A little change of attitude can make the experience a pleasurable one for everyone. Here are some tips to consider when traveling with an elderly parent.

Practice Patience

Understand that you and your family have spent hard earned money for this relaxing getaway. So practice patience. I mean consciously try not to get mad by simple requests (my parents, even when there was wait staff around would have me make their tea) because us South Asians love our tea. Don’t get mad. It only takes five minutes or so to oblige so be patient. Stop yourself from being annoyed when they are walking slower than you, or stopping constantly to take pictures or asking questions (even if it’s the same questions over and over). Remind yourself to be kind with your actions and words.

beach vacation South Asian parents
Practice patience. Photo Credit

Be Aware

Be aware of your parents’ health, their medications and any new symptoms. You are in a new environment and they may develop an allergy to the food or being out in the sun can make them more tired. So remind them take their medications on time and tell them to let you know if they feel tired or have new aches and pains. Also take into consideration any dietary restrictions when booking flights and resort.


Allow time for rest in between activities or even a rest day. For them to fully enjoy their beach vacation you have to understand that parents are not usually swimming, playing volleyball or walking in the sun in their normal lives. Even if they forget, plan a rest day where they can stay in the room to catch up on sleep or book them a massage appointment to spoil them.

beach vacation South Asian parents
Relax. Photo Credit

Be Enthusiastic

Transfer your excitement to them. Encourage them to participate in resort activities and attend the shows after dinner. Being enthusiastic about your beach vacation will make them that much happier. Make your parents feel welcome and plan activities together as a family.

beach vacation South Asian parents
Organize family activities. Photo Credit

Consider the Noise

Stay away from party destinations. Instead plan a beach vacation at a family friendly resort where there are activities, games and entertainment for the elderly. Upon checking in, ask for rooms in a quieter side of the resort, away from the street and where nightly shows happen in case your parents like to retire early at night.

Management Your Time

You don’t have to go for a week. Maybe opt for a four- to five-night stay which will be much more manageable. Make it a priority to have meals on time to avoid crankiness. Manage your time wisely and don’t pack too much into one day. After all, you are taking a beach vacation to spend some relaxation time with the family.

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