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Manners At A Marriage: How To Be A Wonderful Wedding Guest

Culture & Lifestyle Dec 29, 2016

Yes, we all have THAT guest! To avoid those moments, check out our DIY list on proper wedding guest etiquette. 

Months of planning and thousands of dollars have been spent to create a wedding day the bride and groom will cherish. The occasion is supposed to be about the blissful union between partners and the joining of their families. A large part of the excitement is based around the idea of celebrating with valued family and friends. Careful attention is paid to venue, food and entertainment choices to give guests an enjoyable experience. Despite all the hard work, wedding days may have a bump (or two) in the road. Challenges can turn what’s supposed to be a dream day into a stressful event; what can guests do to help ensure the couple have an amazing day? Be a wonderful wedding guest.

Read on for tips on wedding guest etiquette:

Do RSVP. There’s a cost for food/drink and space limitations. Be considerate by responding to invites in a timely fashion.

Don’t bring additional guests. Unfortunately, some read an invite that says two guests as an open invitation to bring their family of seven. Respect the limitations set by the hosts.

Do be on time. Late comers can delay the couple’s entry. Keep in mind they have a busy day and usually take photographs in between events. Don’t hold them back.

Don’t interrupt if you are late. We get it, things happen. If you’re behind, keep your entry quick, quiet and ensure your phone is off.

Don’t be a gossiping guest.
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Do capture moments. A few pictures and videos, especially candid ones, are always fun and usually greatly appreciated when shared with the couple. (Wait about a week for things to slow down for them).

Don’t make it about you. The couple doesn’t have time to take multiple pictures that capture your perfect angle. Be cautious taking video as well. Ask the guests around you if they are comfortable. Remember not everyone wants to be taped when dancing with drink in hand.

Do bring a gift. If there’s a registry, stick to it. If not, give a fair amount of cash. The days of $51 as a present are long gone.

Don’t talk during speeches. We understand some are long (and even boring) but remember they are written with love. Stay well-mannered and daydream about cake instead of chattering with others.

Do remember that a wedding is about love first and the party second. Don’t attend as a party critique. Keep the purpose of the day in perspective. Focus and highlight on the positives.

Don’t complain. If you feel something is lacking or unorganized, keep it to yourself. Friends are supposed to lift each other up, not bring each other down, especially on such special days.

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