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6 Summer-To-Fall Street Style Trends That He Needs Now!

Fashion Showbiz Aug 15, 2017

From throwbacks and revivals, to the latest runway collections; street style is at it’s peak. We’ve got your back on trends that’ll have him smooth sailing from summer into fall.

Overwhelmed with trends and figuring out how to make his look work?

We narrowed it down to six of the most important looks and items he can make use of:

1. Light Wash Denim

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Considered to be the “preferred colour of choice in Europe”, light wash denim jeans and jackets are comfy, cool, and casual. Not only is the colour versatile, but he can pair it with other items from his closet. Your man could even go for an all over light wash denim look to stand out.

2. 90’s Sportswear

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Fashion goes back old school with 90s nostalgia, from Adidas tracksuits, Fila sweatpants, Airwalk windbreakers, and more. 90s sportswear is taking over the streets, he may even still own a few pieces from back in the day.

3. Statement Bomber Jackets

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While black and navy bombers will never go out of style, bolder bomber jackets are on the rise. From patches to prints, and vivid colours, a statement bomber jacket will keep his fit youthful and on trend.

4. Hoodies/Sweatshirts

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Skater style is prevalent with the hoody, and it continues to be an influence in men’s fashion. He won’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion and can bring back some of his old college sweatshirts for a retro vibe.

5. Childhood References

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Keeping in line with a youthful trend, childhood referenced shirts, jackets and baseball caps are being stocked on shelves near you. Men are making fun style statements by incorporating everything from cartoon shows to their favourite hobby as child into their clothing.

6. The “New” Backpack

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As the iPhone gets bigger, it might mean having to opt out of trying to make it fit into your pockets. He can sling a cross-body bags across his torso, shoulder, or wear it like a fanny if he wants to keep up with being retro-cool.

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