Culture & Lifestyle / DIY: Give Boring Table Top Trivets An Earthy Facelift

DIY: Give Boring Table Top Trivets An Earthy Facelift

Culture & Lifestyle Aug 01, 2016

Give your table decor an earthy touch with these cool trivets! 

There are many things in life that we all take for granted, and one of these things are trivets. 
I know you're probably saying that there are more noteworthy things to take for granted than trivets. But, trust me, trivets are not just something trivial that we can just use as we please. In fact, I'm sure you'd miss them if I took them away from you. 
If you don't know what a trivet is, don't feel bad, many of us probably just talk in general terms about it. For example, an average conversation at the dinner or lunch time hour might go like this: "get the thing to put the dish on."
That "thing" that we take for granted is called a trivet. Trivets are placed under hot dishes so that we do not burn our precious table tops or tablecloths. And, while they do so much for us, we rarely associate it as an item that we are proud to display in our kitchens.
But, when you think of it, the name trivet sounds like something that is very fancy and expensive, don't you think?
And so, I propose that it is high time that we all stop taking trivets for granted. The time of the trivet has come, and I have just the DIY craft to transform this simple trinket to the next level. I can, almost, guarantee that your friends will ask "where'd you get that from," to which you'll respond, "Oh, my trivet? Isn't just fabulous?"
If you don’t believe me, try it yourself! You'll only need a few things, and the end result really revamps a usually lacklustre household item that just sort of exists into something that you'll be proud to display, rather than hide away under pots and other dishes.

DIY trivets.
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What you need:  
Scraps of an old carpet / pre-made cork trivet 
Small plate (for tracing purposes)
Scissors / x-acto knife
Hot glue gun / sticks or super glue
Smooth river rocks (You can find these at your local craft store, dollar store, or you can go exploring and find some yourself.)
A heavy object (Whatever you have on hand is fine.)
Cork plate and small river rocks.
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DIY Instructions:

1. You'll need to get your cork trivet or trace out a circle (about the size of a medium-sized dinner plate) on a piece of felt with some chalk. Using scissors or an x-acto knife, cut out your shape. 

2. Sort out your rock situation. To do this, you'll need to find rocks that are around the same thickness, and that aren't too differently shaped. This will ensure that they fit together better with fewer holes or gaps when it is applied to the felt/cork board. 

3. Optional: Trace out your the shape of your blinged-out trivet to-be with a pencil on a white sheet of paper. Once this is done, you can arrange your rocks to your liking. This makes the process of transferring it onto your actual shape much smoother, as well. 

4. Now it's the fun part: get your crazy glue or hot glue gun and apply some to the back of a rock. Start gluing in the middle of the trivet, and work outwards (I find this works best for me). Glue and place the rocks until there is little to no space left to cover. Don't be afraid if the rocks hang over the edge of the felt or cork shape either, just be sure that it is securely glued down. 

5. If you used the felt material, you can certainly trim away the excess, which will give your jazzed up trivet a unique and funky shape. 

6. I like to let it set after I've finished my gluing. I do this by setting a heavy weight on top of the finished product (just be careful not to shift the rocks around), and then I leave it to set for a couple hours. 

7. Lastly, bust out these bad boys at your next dinner party, and watch your guests eat their heart out at how fancy your newest table accessories are.

Happy crafting! 

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