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Yes You Can! Walk Your Worries Away With These Mindful Tips!

Culture & Lifestyle Nov 07, 2018

Do you feel down or overwhelmed from time to time? You’re not the only one! We can’t always control what’s causing those emotions however, we can choose how we to react to them; read on to learn how a mindful walking break can boost your mood! Yes, you can walk your worries away with these mindful tips! 

From the populated streets of New Delhi to the fast-paced roads in large cities like London, New York and Toronto (to name a few), millions of people walk every day. Initially a learned skill that involves much excitement (we often celebrate the milestone of a baby starting to walk), over-time we get used to it and it turns into an automatic pilot action, making it easy to lose sight or the several benefits it has on our well-being.

What are some of the benefits of walking?

From a health perspective, as Harvard Medical School points out, walking can help with weight management, ease joint pain and boost immune function. Walking can also provide an energy boost, help us develop stronger bones, muscles and more!

Pair the several benefits (a list of 50 is available here) with it being free-of-charge, good for the environment and suitable for all fitness levels, it’s a great activity all-around!

What’s getting us extra excited about walking these days?

As more people became aware of the countless positive impacts of meditation and mindful practices on our well-being, mindful walking is gaining popularity. A simple practice that involves bringing focused attention to each step, the initial change can be challenging but the calming, cheerful effects are worth it so read our suggestions, grab your sneakers and get stepping!

How do you practice mindful walking?

Get comfortable: As much as we love high heels, we do not recommend attempting this in them. Choose a supportive sneaker (loose, comfortable clothes are suggested) to help make it easier to focus and start small: 10 minutes is enough time to try out the practice.

Choose your route: Essentially mindful walking can be done anywhere but to make it easier as you start, avoid routes that are heavily populated to make it easier to connect with nature. Explore your usual journey to see if there are more scenic options where you could walk at least 10-15 steps in a straight path (you could then pause, turn around, walk back to your starting point and repeat).

Walk Your Worries Away With These Mindful Tips
Walk Your Worries Away With These Mindful Tips: Walk away your worries by choosing a beautiful path!  Photo Credit: Rachna Sethi


Focus on each step: Clasping your hands in the front, back or resting them comfortable at your side, slowly raise one foot and appreciate the bend in your knee. As your foot returns to the ground, ensure your heel contacts the ground first, shift your weight to the forward leg as you raise the back foot to prepare for the next step. It should feel as though you have broken down each step into mini movements.

Bring awareness to your speed: A slow pace is strongly recommended (though not mandatory) as it allows you to connect more mindfully with the surface you walk on. If it feels unnatural or unauthentic after a few attempts, adapt to a medium speed until you get used to it; be gentle with yourself and remember it’s a process.


Walk Your Worries Away With These Mindful Tips
Walk Your Worries Away With These Mindful Tips:  Mindful walking wisdom from a great leader! Photo Credit:


Stay tuned into the present moment: If you get distracted during your walk, don’t panic; it’s a natural part of the process. To help bring you back to the present moment, bring your attention to the movements in your steps (if that doesn’t work, try focusing on your breathe).


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Rachna Sethi

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