Work Life / Raj Girn’s Newsletter Welcome Note – May 29th, 2015

Raj Girn’s Newsletter Welcome Note – May 29th, 2015

Work Life May 28, 2015

Welcome to this week's buzz worthy round up of news, views & trending topics…

Dear Friends,

I hope your week has been good to you so far!
I am VERY happy to make this great announcement today: my personal website has been re-branded and re-launched with a fresh new look, all of it to create a fresh new experience for you, my wonderful readers!
The website, which first launched in 2011, houses all of my ANOKHI Magazine celebrity cover story interviews, past and present, as well as OPEN CHEST TV interviews that I have hosted over the years. The site also hosts my personal blog posts where I interact with you all directly about my views on life. And ofcourse, my photo galleries which highlight me being out and about at some fabulous events. I have interviewed celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood over the last 12 years, some of whom you will know: Aishwariya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan (Bollywood); Freida Pinto, Noureen Dewulf, Jay Sean (Cross-over); Kim Kardashian, Nelly Furtado, Nicole Scherzinger (Hollywood).
The site revamp comes with greater and user-friendly functionality. You can now enjoy easier navigation to content based on searchable categories like Film/TV, Music, Fashion/Beauty, Media, and Business. Note that we are currently transitioning 12 years of celebrity interviews from the old to the new site over the next few weeks, so make sure to check back often. For each blog you can view a thumbnail photo, so get ready for photo sharing in each and every blog post moving forward, and maybe a spontaneous video every now and again. The new photo gallery section shows photos much larger than before, and you will see 12 years of exciting star-studded event photos being added also over the next few weeks. With these you will be able to effortlessly scroll through, comment on, and share. Want to leave a comment? What is easier then commenting straight from your Facebook account!
And the best of all, for the first time in my 12 years of interviewing well-known personalities only, I am welcoming submissions from people of all walks of life to have the opportunity to tell their unique stories through an interview with me. I am thrilled to announce this next big phase of my personal OPEN CHEST brand, where I hope you’ll come along for the experience of it all! If you’ve got a story to tell, whether it's your own, a friend’s, or a family member's, and you believe it deserves a chance to be heard, get in touch with me now! Feeling a little shy? CLICK HERE to view testimonials of my past interviewees, some of whom you will know.  

See the new look for yourself and connect with me at, and tell me what you think about the new look and functionality.
As a final note, get ready for another exciting announcement from us here at ANOKHI MEDIA in the next 10 days. Stay tuned!
Until next week, have a great rest of the week and keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Raj Girn
President & CEO
Until next week, have a great rest of the week!