Work Life / Tech Comparison: The Asus VivoWatch And The Apple Watch

Tech Comparison: The Asus VivoWatch And The Apple Watch

Work Life May 11, 2015

Two Smartwatches, The Asus VivoWatch and the Apple Watch, Are Stirring Up Some Commotion this Month.

Below is a comparative list of the advantages and disadvantages of both smartwatches.

Important Features

  Software Apps Fitness Built in Sleep Tracker Use with Any Phone Voice Command Battery
Asus VivoWatch Android Yes, compatible with Android apps like Asus HiVivo
Heart rate sensor for monitoring activity, calorie tracker, reminds the user to exercise and tracks the number of steps taken
Yes, tracks quality of sleep in conjunction with emotional wellbeing and achieving happiness Yes, compatible with Android or iPhone to track phone calls, messages and social media No 10 days
Apple Watch IOS Yes, for Messages, Email, Uber, News, Recipes and many more
Suggests fitness routines, tracks activity and calories, allows work out apps to be used, uses sensors to check heart rate, and summarizes fitness progress weekly
No Requires an iPhone, does not seem to be compatible with other smartphones Yes, Siri voice command 18 hrs

Asus VivoWatch

Praise for the VivoWatch's durable battery life is certainly a plus from reviewers. A battery that lasts for 10 days is notably longer than the 18-hour battery life of the Apple Watch. Other reviews for the Asus VivoWatch highlight its stellar exterior design with its stainless steel finish. The water- and dust-resistant design are added bonuses that ensure durability.

The price is set at $149 US. However, it's not currently available in India.

Apple Watch

Some reviews have praised the accuracy of the Apple Watch’s fitness features, like the heart rate monitors and sensors. Other reviews have noted that the Apps do make the Apple watch convenient for messaging and making phone calls without using an iPhone. However, this depends on how important staying consistently updated on emails, messages and phone calls might be to the user. Plus, the Apple Watch has other disadvantages, such as being unable to add contacts. Essentially, the Apple Watch still requires that the user have their iPhone with them, and this may not be favourable to everyone.

The price is around $449–$519 US and the Apple Watch is set to sell in India in June. However, a possible starting cost is RS 30,000 or more.

Comparatively, if you're looking for a more affordable smartwatch with a longer battery life and compatibility with an iPhone or Android phone, the Asus VivoWatch seems to be the best bet. Plus, its fitness and sleep trackers enhance the device's attractiveness by supporting a healthy lifestyle on a budget. On the other hand, if you're looking for a smartwatch that contains voice command software and a multitude of apps, then the Apple Watch seems to be the better choice. Both smartwatches offer a compact and technologically impressive way to get the convenience of technology right at your fingertips.

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