Work Life / Business Profile: Aristocrats Bows N Ties

Business Profile: Aristocrats Bows N Ties

Work Life May 22, 2015

Dabble in the Dapper Lineup of Men’s Accessories with Newly Launched Company Aristocrats Bows n’ Ties.

Aristocrats Bows N Ties is a chic new men’s accessories company based in Toronto, Canada. Through the online store, men can discover a sophisticated collection of fashionable and stylish ties, bow ties and pocket squares featuring a timeless assortment of sophisticated designs and exquisite materials — delivering premium styling, quality and value to customers.


I was able to chat with founder Saira Chania about the launch of their promising new company, the challenges associated with it, and how and why their products stand out.


DANIEL PILLAI: What inspired you to go into the men’s accessory business?

ABT: We’ve always felt suit jackets and blazers needed a little personal touch. They are inherently made to help the wearer blend in but not stand out. Today, it’s all about the pocket square slipped into the jacket, the coloured socks and bow ties. Accessories are taking centre stage. They’re versatile and affordable fashion wear.

Socks $10 CDN, Silk pocket square $12 CDN, Wood card holder $20 CDN, Tie bar $17 CDN, Cufflinks $22 CDN, Lapel Flower $10 CDN

DP: How do your company’s accessories stand apart from what else is being sold out there? How did you curate this specific collection of pieces to represent your brand and company?

ABT: Aristocrats Bows N Ties really stands apart from everybody else because we design all of our products in Toronto. Our collection is both sophisticated and trendy and all our products are handmade. With each collection, we try to focus on colours that are in season and then we add patterns to those colours, giving it our own unique touch. While the designing is done here at home, we have family contact overseas whom we work with to contract manufacturers to bring all our designs to life. This provides us with the opportunity to deliver them at affordable pricing and yet maintain the highest-quality products.

A typical silk bow tie that you might find at a major department store would cost you anywhere between $60 and $150. Our bow ties would compare favourably, yet we charge only $20. We value our customers, and in order to give back to them, we have a loyalty program where customers can earn points for their purchases and later redeem the points to get products at a discounted price.

We are passionate about providing our customers with an opportunity to be themselves and invite them to visit Aristocrats Bows N Ties to find their own style. We are committed to offering unique designs, quality workmanship and value pricing in men’s accessories.




Silk bow ties $20 CDN 

DP: What were some of the challenges you faced when opening up your business?

ABT: The main challenge that we experienced and continue to experience is: how do we continue to build the business? There comes a point where you realize that more investment is much needed in the organization to build awareness for people to recognize and accept your brand. At the end of the day, we would like to create more awareness of our brand and the line of products we carry, so that our customers look and feel great about themselves when wearing our stylish products, by giving them styles which translate into absolute confidence.

DP: What are some of the plans you have to expand the collection of luxury Items that you currently offer? What’s in store for the future?

ABT: We are in the midst of finalizing our fall and winter 2015–2016 collection, which will be available online in September 2015. Our FW 2015–2016 collection will mainly consist of wool-and-silk-blend bow ties and ties. With this collection, we want to provide customers with products they would rarely find in other retail stores here in Canada. We have recently partnered with SHOP WITH SHONA, a very exciting new service offering. Beginning May 30, 2015, we will be featured along with other specially selected Canadian brands in their newly launched StylePacks. For those who aren’t aware, it’s a subscription-based service for men that delivers luxury menswear accessories directly to your home or office, bringing timely, efficient luxury to the dapper gent.

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