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June 2015 Tech Gadgets

Work Life Jun 07, 2015



A roundup of this month's tech releases making a buzz. 

Lenovo Z41 and Lenovo Z51 Laptops

The Lenovo 14-inch Z41 and the 15-inch Lenovo Z51 offer everything you need not just to consume multimedia content but to create it.  

Major Features: Full high-definition display, an Intel Core i7 processor, 1 TB storage, surround sound, specialized gaming technology and 802.11 ac wi-fi technology. Plus, the Lenovo Z51 has a 3D camera to ensure that everything photo- and video-related is picture perfect.

Price: Approximately $499 to $599 CDN.

Lenovo Ideapad 100 Laptop

This is designed for users that appreciate technologically advanced laptops that are also tailored to facilitate basic computing needs.

Major Features: It's fast and efficient, using an Intel BayTrail-M N3540 processor. Plus, 4 hours of battery life and 500 GB HDD storage. 
Price: $249 CDN


Samsung Galaxy S 2 Tablets (8 inches and 9.7 inches)

Both tablets will be released in India and other countries and they have similar features, the main difference being the size of the screen. 

Major Features: 3 GB RAM, 32 GB storage and the processor is rumoured to be either the Samsung Exynos 5433 or a completely new processor.

Price: Yet to be released. 

Lenovo Tab 2 A8 Tablet

This tablet has an 8-inch screen and only weighs only 360 g.

Major Features: 32 GB in microSD storage, 1 GB RAM, 5 MP camera with an additional 2 MP second camera, sensors like an accelerometer, SMS messaging capabilities and a 4290 mAh battery.

Price: $129 to $179 CDN 

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

This 10.1 inch tablet is waterproof and dust resistant and will be released on June 17th.

Major features: 8.1 MP camera, 5.1 MP front camera, a display of 2560 x 1600 pixels, a 6000 mAh battery designed to easily play 17 hours of video, HD video recording, a 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB flash memory, 128 GB in microSD storage, USB ports and exclusive 3D surround sound technology.

Price: Expected to be RS. 65,499 in India.

Sony Xperia Z3 + Smartphone

This phone’s exterior reveals an elegant metal design that is also waterproof.

Major Features: 20.7 MP camera and a 5 MP front camera, an 810 octa-core 64 bit processor, a battery that lasts 48 hours and impressive gaming features that incorporate PlayStation 4 technology to allow gaming to continue on the go.

Price: Yet to be released. 

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