Work Life / Company Profile: The Social Media Vocal App Beep

Company Profile: The Social Media Vocal App Beep

Work Life Mar 20, 2015

Jesse DeCosta Talks BEEP

Growing to over 25,000 users in just a few short months since its official launch in October 2014, the social media vocal network Beep has entered 2015 with record-breaking stats, reaching over 50 million people near and far, from the United States to the Philippines.  

In comparison to Twitter’s growth in its early days, Beep is growing twice as fast. As new users come on board by the hour, Beep is expecting to quadruple its users in 2015. 

ANOKHI MEDIA gets a chance to chat with Jesse DeCosta of DECOSTA Marketing, Canada’s leading branding manager to Hollywood stars and now Beep’s CEO, and also an alumnus of The ANOKHI List.

DANIEL PILLAI: Tell us about Beep in a nutshell — the concept and the inspiration behind its creation. 

JESSE DECOSTA: Beep was created to allow anyone in the world to express themselves in any media format, and share to any social network, in real time. Beep's founders come from the entertainment industry in Hollywood and noticed that there was no way for an entertainer or celebrity to leave a voice message on their Facebook pages, or any other social outlets or hear the voices of fans. This was the initial inspiration behind Beep — create an easy-to-use app that allowed anyone to leave voice messages anywhere they wanted. Hearing a voice is so much more special than just reading words. … It puts the message into context when you hear the feeling behind the words. Sort of like reading lyrics versus hearing the song.
DP: What do you think makes Beep such a revolutionary new app? How is it changing the way people connect with each other?

JD: I believe Beep brings the best of all social networks into one app and allows for easy engagement with friends through one single access point. We are planning to launch Beep for wearables such as the Apple Watch and others. … This will bring voice messaging to a more personal level. Imagine being in your car and being able to send a voice message to a friend who's jogging in the park, and never having to look at a screen! Sometimes, you may not be in the mood for a conversation but don't mind a quick exchange of information. … How many times have you ignored an incoming call?
DP: How can Beep change the lives of others? 

JD: Beep is a means to express yourself, and drive awareness, super-fast. For example, you can easily create an awareness campaign for a charitable cause, or create a "channel" where you can post audio or video messages to help others. A great showcase for this is the Ryan Coelho channel on Beep ( Ryan puts out short audio clips about positivity and how to use "perspective" to see your world in a better way. His audience loves this, and so do others who discover his content.
DP: What are some unique features with the app aside from the voice messages?

JD: We have many new features coming in Beep, such as adding video to your Beeps. In the near future, we are planning for live video broadcasting of yourself! Imagine creating your own channel, where followers can "tune" in to you live and ask questions in real time. … The possibilities are endless and open the door for Internet celebrities to emerge and get noticed. We are also planning integrated gaming and inviting game developers to build exciting gaming experiences for Beep audiences.
DP: Tell us about the celebrity associations with the app. How has it been revolutionary in the way celebs connect with communities around the world? 

JD: Entertainers are loving the immediate sensation of hearing fans responses to their Beeps rather that text comments. The Jacksons did a holiday campaign where they asked trivia questions and posted clips of songs ( Fans had to guess the lyrics and sing back a piece of the song, plus say where they were from. The Jacksons loved hearing the voices and accents from around the world! Celebrities and their marketing teams embrace all of this and the analytics that we can provide them. They can measure campaigns across all of their social platforms and tweak their strategies based on what is working and what's not. It's a new way to engage fans and create a feeling of interaction that's personal.

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