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Party Game Apps

Work Life Mar 20, 2015

Four Free Games You Should Download

By some miracle, despite everyone's busy schedules, you and your friends are finally meeting up for a nice evening in — but, unfortunately, everyone is glued to their phones. Instead of talking to one another and strengthening bonds, you are all staring down at your respective screens. Here's one of the best ways to get your party started — by playing games. Games not only get the crowd really excited but are also a great ice-breaker for new people and they give everyone a chance to mix and mingle. Since everyone always has a phone on them, here are four games that you can play on your phone together that are free to download.  


This is a word guessing game ideal for groups. You divide yourself into two teams and each person from a team takes turns giving clues to their teams to guess a word. But here's the catch: along with the word, there is a list of five words that are “taboo” or forbidden to say. For example, if the word you get is "Christmas," the list of taboo words would include "December," "holiday," "Santa Claus," "present" and "tree." You can use sentences and any other words to try to have your team guess correctly. The aim of the game is to have your team guess as many words as they can in a couple of minutes, and whoever scores the most points wins. The Taboo app has over 5,000 words, is easy to use and keeps score. This is a really interactive game because you not only communicate with your team but also have a member of the other team sitting next to you to make sure you don’t say the taboo words.

Heads Up!

This is another word guessing game that you can play with just two people or as many people as you like. One person takes the phone and puts it against their forehead, where words appear, and the rest of the group has to give you clues to guess the word correctly. If you get the word right, you tilt down for points, or if you're stuck on a word and wish to pass, you tilt the phone up. There are many categories to choose from — even an acting out feature. Heads Up! prevents your friends from yelling clues at you — now they have to act out the word. The best part of this game is that, if you want, you can record your friends while playing the game. There's no better way to make memories.

Bollywood Charades

This is for the Bollywood fans with all the fun of Heads Up! It works exactly like Heads Up!, but the categories now include Bollywood songs, actors and singers.


There's more Bollywood fun to be had! You can play this game in teams of two or the whole group can guess, but you will have to keep your own score. You have to identify a Bollywood movie title with pictures and a word jumble at the bottom. The team with the most points wins.

With these party apps, no party will ever be boring.

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