Work Life / ANOKHI12: The Complete Star-Studded Line-Up Revealed!

ANOKHI12: The Complete Star-Studded Line-Up Revealed!

Work Life Mar 24, 2015

Four Days And Counting Until The Entertainment Event Of The Season: ANOKHI MEDIA's 12th Anniversary Event


Tickets to ANOKHI MEDIA's 12th Anniversary awards gala taking place at the historic Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto are selling fast. 

$250 Tix: SOLD OUT! 

Purchase your tickets before it's too late:

The $200 CAN tickets remaining include: reception, dinner, show, after party, and the limited edition, first-time collective THE ANOKHI LIST 2015 book as a free gift for all ticket purchases. 
If you’d like exposure for your business with a table sponsorship, please contact [email protected] or 416.305.4990 for more information.

Check out the buzz here: 



 Bollywood Celebrity Fashion Designer

A first time in North America thanks to International Brand Manager Shefali Munshi of MD Unimonde Experiences and brought to you by L'Oréal Paris.

“I am extremely thrilled for the North American showcase of my collection at the ANOKHI event in Toronto on March 28, 2015. The collection that I will be showcasing is an exclusive range of evening wear. —Archana Kochhar


“It is always a pleasure to wear an Archana Kochhar ensemble as it always complements my femininity in every sense of the way. I think a saree-gown is an amazing introduction of our traditional saree to the west and not only is it stunning but it drapes sensuously over every feminine curve, the outcome being bewitching.”

—Celina Jaitley


Rahul Khanna
International Actor


“I started my acting career with two Canadian films (‘Earth’ and ‘Bollywood/ Hollywood’) and ever since then, Canada has held a special place in my heart. I’m overjoyed to get the opportunity to connect with all my Canadian friends and fans at ANOKHI MEDIA’s 12th Anniversary Awards Show and am honored to be included in THE ANOKHI LIST 2015 coffee table book." —Rahul Khanna

"Rahul Khanna is a fine actor but also has a very unique style of his own. He is also extremely professional, disciplined and one of the kindest and most considerate human beings I have had the pleasure to meet. He has a fantastic sense of humour too. He is a complete package deal.”
—CEO Firsttake Entertainment Ajay K. Virmani 



 Rishi Rich
Legendary Music Producer

"I am very humbled to be honoured by the prestigious ANOKHI awards and am very much looking forward to attending the event.” —Rishi Rich

“If I had to choose one musician who I think was responsible for putting the Indian sound out there in the international market, it would without a doubt, be Rishi. He’s been a beacon for all the young musicians and a pioneer in making Desi cool.”
—Bollywood Actor Abhishek Bachchan

Manj Musik
Formally of RDB

“I'd like to thank ANOKHI for inviting me to their amazing awards show and I’m very excited to give them a little exclusive Manj Musik performance. Thank you for including me in the 2015 Coffee Table Book and for acknowledging my accomplishments. At the end of the day, I do this for the fans and it’s my passion to entertain. … Thank you!”—Manj Musik

“Manj is a mastermind! I love what he made for me,”
—Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan

Karen David 
Actress in ABC's Galavant

It’s such a tickling thought that I’ll be included amongst several talented people in ANOKHI’s first ever book. Good company to be in and I’m very honoured and thankful for the continued support ANOKHI have blessed me with throughout my career. It’ll be wonderful to perform some new songs of mine from my forthcoming EP and from Galavant at ANOKHI’s 12th Anniversary!” —Karen David


“Karen is one of those people who, when you first meet her, you are instantly wary of, because you find it hard to believe that someone can really be so nice. But then, you spend more time with her and you realize it’s not an act — that she’s just genuine and kind in the way most of us pretend to be genuine and kind. It doesn't hurt that she's insanely talented, and the camera loves her, and her face photographs so expressively that even the slightest look from her can save you six pages of expositional dialogue. I adore her."

 Dan Fogelman, Creator of ABC’s Hit TV Show Galavant


Alysha Brilla
Juno Nominee, Singer-Songwriter


“I am extremely honoured to be included in ANOKHI’s 2015 coffee table book and list as an artist to watch. Being part Indian, it is amazing to see the collection of South Asians making a mark in the GTA and ANOKHI has done an incredible job of profiling that. I love making music and this is a huge affirmation. I am so excited for the award ceremony. Performing is going to be a blast.” —Alysha Brilla


 “Alysha Brilla lights up the stage with smart, sexy pop music played with passion and precision.”
—James Keelaghan, Artistic Director of the Summerfolk Festival

Zameer Rizvi

ANOKHI MEDIA put me on the map back in 2009 when they awarded me their 'Most Promising Musical Artist' award. Now, five years later, I’m honoured to be invited back to put on a kick-ass show as a testament to ANOKHI’s faith in me from the beginning. I can’t wait for this event, which has quickly become the South Asian Oscars.” —Zameer Rizvi

“Zameer is larger than life and is an incredibly authentic artist. Producing his upcoming album “Her” was an epic journey for all of us, as I’m sure it will be for its listeners”
—13-Time Juno Winner & Grammy-Nominated Music Producer Gavin Brown

Amrit Dasu
Rishi Rich Featured Artist

“Looking up to and watching Rishi Rich as a kid and now getting the opportunity to perform with him, I feel blessed and honored to be invited to perform with Rishi Rich at ANOKHI MEDIA’s 12th Anniversary Awards Show.” —Amrit Dasu

“Great to see a talented new artist who has a bright future ahead. Great to be part of his journey.”
—Rishi Rich, Legendary Music Producer

Ali Hassan  

“There is no greater joy than having your hard work recognized, especially when it’s by the leading South Asian Lifestyle & Entertainment media brand. Thank you, ANOKHI!” —Ali Hassan

“Ali Hassan is ANOKHI because there’s no other man in the world that can tell a funny joke, cook a gourmet meal, change two sets of diapers, tell another joke, tape an audition, aaaand beat you at scrabble, all at the same friggin’ time!”
—Rup Magon, JoSH the BaND

Danish Anwar
Stand-Up Comedian

"I'm honoured & elated to be included in THE ANOKHI LIST 2015 coffee table book, as I finally have something to give to my mom instead of the university degree she wanted." —Danish Anwar
“If you had to give this honour to one Indian-Bengali-Russian-Canadian comedian and show producer, then Danish is probably the one.”
—Radio and TV personality Ali Hassan


DJ Rekha
Cultural icon & Founder Of Basement Bhangra

“I have been a fan of ANOKHI since its inception. Raj Girn has created a platform that recognizes all that our South Asian community accomplished. I am humbled to be recognized and part of this historically esteemed list of exceptional South Asians. Toronto is an amazing musical town and it’s an honour to headline the after-party. Toronto, can’t wait to party with you!”—DJ Rekha

“Rekha is not only a masterful and accomplished DJ, she is also unpretentious, humble and generous. Her commitment to social justice and education is integral to her artistic practice. Whether it’s a secret dance club in Brooklyn or a reception hosted by Barack Obama, she always makes people dance.”
—Padma Lakshmi, Author & Host of Top Chef


DJ Tricky Moreira
Canada’s Premier House Deejay


“I’m looking forward to this year’s ANOKHI Awards at the Fairmont Royal York! As a past nominee I have seen this event grow in grandeur and reputation. Raj is consistently raising the bar in the South Asian community, and the fun to be had at this event is unparalleled; the combination of nominees, attendees, and entertainment is awesome. I can’t wait to experience this event in person, and look forward to the show, and of course the afterparty!” —DJ Tricky

DJ Biks
Official Deejay for Jay Sean

“Being invited to spin at the ANOKHI afterparty is such an honour! I have seen their success grow over the past 12 years and couldn't be happier to be a part of an event that helps bring the South Asian scene to the forefront!” —DJ Biks

DJ Jiten
Toronto’s Top South Asian Deejay

"If there is one event I look forward to every year — it’s ANOKHI MEDIA’s 12th Anniversary’s Industry Gala and After Party. Simply put — it amalgamates all the relevant South Asian contributions from individuals/groups not only in that current year — but historically as well. I want to thank Raj and her team for inviting me not only this year, but year’s past as well and I look forward to doing what I do on the 1s and 2s!” —DJ Jiten


Vinay Virmani
Actor-Writer, Breakaway & Dr. Cabbie 

"ANOKHI has always been a leader in showcasing South Asian talent to mainstream audiences. They celebrate being unique and our unity as South Asian artists. I'm very honoured to be included in THE ANOKHI LIST 2015 and also to take part in their exciting Award Show this year."  —Vinay Virmani

“He’s polite, he’s respectful and he’s a damn good actor.” 

—Bollywood superstar Salman Khan


Zaib Shaikh
Actor, Director, Producer and Toronto’s Film Commissioner and Director of Entertainment Industries

"Humbled to be recognized in THE ANOKHI LIST 2015 for work that one does without any expectation of accolades and a privilege to be sharing the evening with such leading personalities of the South Asian community at ANOKHI MEDIA’s 12th Anniversary Award Show here in Toronto."—Zaib Shaikh

“On television, Zaib has portrayed a spiritual leader. Today, he assumes the real-life role of industry leader and champion. He will use his vast knowledge and experience to build upon Toronto's legacy as a film and television hub, with a focus on engaging and expanding partnerships in our city's evolving media and entertainment landscape." 
—The Chair of Toronto's Economic Development and Culture Committee, Councillor Michael Thompson. 

Pooja Handa
Anchor, CP24’s Morning Show

“It is an absolute honour to be included in THE ANOKHI LIST 2015. For over a decade (did I just age myself?) ANOKHI MEDIA has been THE place I go to get my pop culture, lifestyle & fashion fix. I love that it’s reflective of the South Asian community, but even more so of just being in the know about what’s hip and happening — period. To be among so many accomplished, influential and talented people is a HUGE compliment! I am truly grateful for this experience.” —Pooja Handa

"I’ve always felt that Pooja Handa is the warm ambassador of our fair city, and for this she is uniquely perfect: compassionate and funny, self-deprecating and confident and a woman of ethnicity who is at home in both old and new Toronto.”

—Oscar- and Golden Globe–Winning Composer Mychael Danna 

Veronica Chail
Producer-Host, OMNI TV’s Bollywood Boulevard

“I’m extremely excited to return to the ANOKHI stage and participate in the fabulous celebration of South Asian talent and success. I’m humbled and honoured to be part of the ANOKHI LIST 2015. Thank you to Raj Girn and her team for the continuous support and for including me in this first-time commemorative coffee table book — this is incredibly awesome!” —Veronica Chail
“Veronica is a friend and colleague. I respect her phenomenal work ethic, authenticity and alarming energy. Veronica shows tremendous passion for everything she does, whether it’s her show, her humanitarian activities or her personal endeavours. She is always willing to take on and overcome challenges, big and small. Veronica is beautiful, fiercely intelligent and a force of nature who is changing the media landscape.”

—Navaid Mansuri, Vice-President of Content Partnerships at Rogers Communications

Uppala Chandrasekera
Vice Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada

“I am incredibly honoured to be included in THE ANOKHI LIST 2015 coffee table book. Thank you, ANOKHI, for celebrating the successes and achievements of our South Asian community as well as drawing our collective attention to issues of mental health, a reality those in our community face every day. Mental health is an issue that impacts all of us, regardless of our identity, gender or ethnic background, and is often silenced due to stigma. I commend ANOKHI for creating the space for us to talk about it. I am happy to be part of the celebration.”  —Uppala Chandrasekera
“Uppala Chandrasekera has been instrumental in the progress that is being made in community-based mental health and addictions. The leadership she has provided to her dedicated team of policy analysts has helped to shape provincial policy at a unique time in our history. The Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario feels very fortunate to have her skills and abilities as we look to transforming the sector for the benefit of all Ontarians. She is a worthy recipient of this prestigious award.” 

Camille Quenneville, CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario

Jewel Kats
Children’s Book Author

“Hopping onto the pages of The ANOKHI List 2015 coffee table book is BEYOND a dream come true! It makes me wheel back, and say: ‘WOW-zers.' I think I’ve done something right. I’ve officially made it.' At long last, I know my community is committed to breaking stigma against disabilities one roll or role at a time! Nothing can beat this feeling. The ANOKHI MEDIA 12th anniversary awards show is NOT just about powerful South Asians gathering under one fanciful roof or rubbing each other’s stylish elbows. The ANOKHI philosophy runs far deeper than that. ANOKHI celebrates talent, visions, and thoughts that have culminated in breathtaking actions. ANOKHI makes you believe that ANYTHING is possible. As humans, we all have the power of change in our bellies — being South Asian just makes us a little more spicy and sexy!” —Jewel Kats
“Jewel has taken what one person might consider a minus and turned it into a huge plus. She has taken her handicap and made it her badge of honour, being a shining example and role model to all.”

Dan Parent, Archie Comics

Vivek Shraya
LGBTQ Activist

“My queer and Indian identities have often felt at odds with each other, if not amplified by each other. Furthermore, as a queer Indian, my experience is often 'invisibilized' and therefore it is an honour to be included in THE ANOKHI LIST 2015 coffee table book and to be invited to ANOKH MEDIA’s 12th anniversary Awards Show.” —Vivek Shraya

“What makes Vivek Shraya unique is not only his beautiful, imaginative and intersectional art, but his ability to work across media.”
—Farzana Doctor, Author


Sangita Patel
Entertainment Reporter, ET Canada

“I’m at ANOKHI MEDIA’s 12th Anniversary Awards Show this year! Last year I was honoured with an award from ANOKHI and I'm so excited to pass on the torch this year!” —Sangita Patel

Farah Nasser
Anchor, CP24

“I’m incredibly honoured to host and present awards at ANOKHI MEDIA’s prestigious 12th Anniversary event. I’m delighted to be welcomed back into the fold after being recognized by ANOKHI a few years back, and to have an opportunity to help celebrate this year’s winners!” —Farah Nasser


Jake Dheer
Senior Operations Manager, Rogers TV

“It is such a pleasure to once again host the Media category at the 12th annual ANOKHI Awards, an event that many in the industry, myself included, look forward to each year.” —Jake Dheer

Raoul Juneja
Producer & Veejay, OMNI TV’s V-Mix

“Receiving ANOKHI’s Excellence in Music Media Award last year was the start of the most exciting chapter of my career — which ranged from my representing the Canadian hip-hop community at the Source 360 Festival in Brooklyn, to V-Mix being front and center at the recent JUNO Awards in Hamilton. As a returning ANOKHI awardee, I’m so honoured to be participating in the 12th annual ANOKHI Awards, celebrating this year’s incredible talent from our community!” —Raoul Juneja

Dilshad Burman
Host, OMNI TV’s V-Mix

“I am so very thrilled and humbled to be included in THE ANOKHI LIST 2015 Coffee Table Book. I consider it an absolute privilege to bring people music and joy for a living. To be acknowledged and recognized for it by ANOKHI is such an honour. I’m so excited to participate in the ceremonies at the 12th Anniversary Awards Show!” —Dilshad Burman

“On screen or off, Dee is a bundle of energy and charisma, a born performer and a star.”
—Andrew Gunadie, AKA Gunnarolla, Musician and YouTube Star

To get full bios of all the celebrities, visit:


Another first to appear at the event is ANOKHI MEDIA’s limited-time, hard-cover, glossy coffee table book entitled THE ANOKHI LIST 2015. This much-anticipated book celebrates the regional, national and international success stories of some of today's most prolific South Asian personalities. The book will be available for limited purchase at the Annual ANOKHI MEDIA Anniversary Event, with only 2,500 copies of the book to be printed.



Cover Design By: Ajay Lad
Creative Concept By: Adil Hirji

“What makes this year even more exciting is that the bulk of the talent we’re featuring in the book will be joining us to launch it that evening,” says Raj Girn, President and CEO, ANOKHI MEDIA. “Sharing that experience with our guests is what will truly make it an unforgettable evening.”  

To hear Raj's welcome announcement to you, click

The #ANOKHI12 agenda for the grand night comprises:

5.:00 P.M.–7:00 P.M.:
Red Carpet Cocktail Reception
Concert Hall & Ballroom Foyer
Watch Celebrities Walk the Red Carpet, Mix & Mingle, and 
Enjoy Sponsored Alcohol & Hors D’Oeuvres.

 7:00 P.M.–8:30 P.M.:
Concert Hall
Enjoy a Delicious 3-Course Dinner Prepared by
Fairmont Royal York’s Finest Chefs. Includes wine.

8:30 P.M.–11:00 P.M.:
Awards-Fashion-Entertainment Show
Concert Hall
Honouring the South Asian Community with
– Awards Presentations,
– Celebrity Fashion Runway Showcase,
– Live Musical Performances & More.

To View Our Past 8 Years of Glamorous Events

10:00 P.M.–2:00 A.M.
Industry Gala After-Party
Dance the Night Away at this VIP Invite-Only
(Not Open to the Public) Mix & Mingle Dance Party
Enjoy Sponsored Alcohol & Cash Bar
Featuring 4 DJ's!

To get your tickets to #ANOKHI12 before it's too late visit:

Images Courtesy of: Images Courtesy of: Uppala Chandrasekera, Jewel Kats, Vivek Shraya, Pooja Handa, Veronica Chail,  Dilshad Burman, Rishi Rich, Manj Musik, Archana Kochhar, Karen David, Vinay Virmani, DJ Rekha, Ali Hassan, Zameer Rizvi, Danish Anwar, Rahul Khanna, Zaib Shaikh, Amrit Dasu, DJ Biks, DJ Jiten,  DJ Tricky Moreira, Alysha Brilla, Raoul Juneja, Jake Dheer, Farah Nasser, Sangita Patel


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