/ Thoughts From The Editor-In-Chief, January 2015

Thoughts From The Editor-In-Chief, January 2015

Dec 22, 2014

I’m a firm believer that timing is everything. So when I discovered that the nominations for the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards were being announced this morning, the morning of the day I slated to pen this note, I giggled to myself at the serendipity of it all. Having attended the Golden Globe Awards, it continues to have a special place in my heart. 

As you know from my past missives, I’m a film buff. It’s a family affair for me, recently punctuated by dad’s text to his kids declaring the latest box office numbers for Shah Rukh Khan’s latest feature, Happy New Year. It’s true; Bollywood box office numbers can easily comprise a solid afternoon of conversation for our family (and the predictable — and for some reason personal — Salman versus SRK debate). 

Among friends, I disrupt the usual book club-esque conversation with my rosters of films or series broken into my categories of “must see,” “try to see” and “don’t even bother.” Since I work with words, I need something visual for me to relax. 
Nothing says perfection like securing that ideal spot on my sofa to binge watch the hottest series, or cozying up in the theatre with likeminded cinephiles to catch the latest film.

And now, when it comes to the motion picture world, it’s time to do my homework since ’tis the season for award shows — the perfect time to put together my screening list. Just like any good student, I do my best to catch all of those noted before the grand finale, The Oscars. I make notes, debate on Twitter, debate with anyone who will bare it and basically get completely invested in the entire process. 

With our Movie Issue the stars have aligned. To honour this year’s award season we dig through the vaults of Bollywood and Hollywood iconic podium moments. Relish in the glorious snapshots of the iconic Filmfare Awards (Filmfare’s Golden Moments, page 63), celebrate our historical achievements at the Oscars (South Asians at the Oscars, page 20) and dive into the cinematic world via the written word (On The Shelf, page 23). 

We continue to give you the hottest in fashion, style and beauty from the runways of the world; your leading man gets a stylish edge (Movie Star Magic, page 30.); we give you a red carpet beauty upgrade (Look to the Stars, page 40) and we boldly embrace all things golden, literally, with our ode to the metallic trend (Heavy Metal, page 34). 

We continue to fearlessly explore top-of-mind topics (The Mommy Instinct: Do All Women Have It?, page 58) and we focus in on the business of film with Toronto’s new film commissioner, Zaib Shaikh (The Big Picture, page 60). 

So, as we settle in for the main event, let us help you relish in your own cinematic stylish journey! 

Hina P. Ansari 

**We are always looking to add to our roster of writers and experts! Are you the one? Email me at [email protected]**

Hina P. Ansari


Hina P. Ansari is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario). Since then she has carved a successful career in Canada's national fashion-publishing world as the Entertainment/Photo Editor at FLARE Magazine, Canada's national fashion magazine. She was the first South Asian in...


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