Work Life / Tech Comparison: Samsung Galaxy View vs Acer Predator 8

Tech Comparison: Samsung Galaxy View vs Acer Predator 8

Work Life Nov 10, 2015

We take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy View Tablet and the Acer Predator 8 Tablet.

The Gadgets 

Samsung Galaxy View Tablet 
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Price: $599.99 US

WIth its 18.4-inch screen, this tablet is ideal for viewing just about anything. The tablet also has other impressive features like a built-in handle to carry the tablet wherever you want. Plus, there are thousands of apps that ensure that gaming and watching anything is a breeze. The tablet was released a few days ago, but has already garnered various reviews within the tech world. Some reviews point out that the tablet is quite large, making mobility a bit cumbersome. The resolution of the tablet has also been criticized because 1080p is a reasonable, but limiting choice. Other reviews say the tablet’s built-in handle makes it convenient to carry around. Another positive comment remarked that the size of the tablet makes it a great tablet for watching stuff.
Major Features

The tablet’s exterior colour is black and its weight is 5.84 lbs. The tablet also includes a full high definition 1920 x 1080 display and a Samsung Exynos 758- Octa-core 1.6 Ghz processor. Plus the tablet has sensors like type light, location Services GPS and Glonass. The camera features include a 2.1 MP front camera that allows full HD video recording and full HD video playback.

Acer Predator 8 Tablet 
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Price: $299 US

This tablet is designed for both tablet lovers and game enthusiasts. It is being released in many countries, including India, this month. Some of the tablet's gaming features include Predator Media Master, which allows both audio and video settings to be customized by the user. Other features include Predator ColorBlast, which ensures vivid and amazing colour and visual effects. Reviews surrounding the tablet have remarked that the storage is exceptional and it will provide an amazing experience for both gamers and non-gamers. 
Major Features

Exterior wise, this 8-inch tablet has grip pads for comfort while gaming and a unique black and red design. The tablet will also have Intel HD graphics and Predator Quadio speakers for unforgettable sound while gaming or listening to everything. Plus, the tablet has two haptic motors, thereby allowing gamers to feel what is happening through their hands. Lastly, the tablet also has Predator Precision Plus, which utilizes touch sensors to enhance the accuracy of hitting targets in a game.

The Comparison

Samsung Galaxy View Tablet 

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Acer Predator 8 Tablet 
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  Battery Memory Camera Processor
Samsung Galaxy View Tablet 5700 mAh which will allow 8 hours video playing time and internet usage time. Plus, 299 hours music playing time. 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM 2.1 MP front camera Samsung Exynos 758- Octa-core 1.6 Ghz processor
Acer tbd 2GB RAM + 64 GB internal storage (and an additional 128 GB storage with the microSD card) 5 MP rear camera + 1.92 MP front camera Intel Atom
x7 processor

The Results

Both tablets offer different benefits. The Samsung Galaxy View is like a tv turned tablet. The Acer Predator 8 is like a gaming device and a tablet wrapped into one. For the person that loves tablets and watching shows on a large screen, the Samsung tablet is a great choice. For the gaming lover, give the Acer Predator a try.

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