Work Life / New App For Meditation Catches Up In Hollywood!

New App For Meditation Catches Up In Hollywood!

Work Life Jul 06, 2013

Stars like Emma Watson and Samantha Barks are so pumped about Headspace. It's easy, fast, effective and on the go.
That's why this app is so right on! How many of us find it difficult to find a moment for ourselves to meditate?
In fact it's off the chart for many, we're always on the go! Emma Watson tweeted about her love for Headspace, trying to influence her followers to try the app out. The Harry Potter star practices her mindfulness by using the app. Keeping her rejuvenated, blissful and relaxed after her shoot for The Bling Ring. Seriously how many times do we sit down to bring in a healthy life style of meditating and we end up thinking of other things that are taking over our lives. 

Headspace is known to be very hip; attracting many stars and regular people like you and I from around the world. It has over 600 thousand subscribers and topping off iTunes’s Health and Fitness chart. The flexibility of the program gives subscribers the freedom to do their meditation any time and anywhere they want. For five dollars a month experts say it’s a Gym membership for your mind. The only thing is you can visit it as many times as you want. The program itself starts off by promoting beginners to take just 10 minutes to themselves from the busy lives they live in. For anyone who wants to just create more Headspace through the practice of meditation at any time of the day this might be the start. It's got a reputation for being a bit hippy and is loved by Hollywood actresses with time on their hands but actually meditation and mindfulness have proven mental and physical health benefits for all of us.

Headspace started off as an online meditation tool that was first launched in 2010 as an event company in London England; the creators soon realized that it would be beneficial to go online where there would be a vast public outcome for the meditation tool. Which will also be accessible to them at their convenience.
With meditation, and learning to breath in a technical way, you learn to regulate your emotions.  This will help you through stress relief, addiction, staying focused and also your immune system. People who have tried Meditation know that it’s not an easy task and the ex- monk Andy Puddicombe’s creation gets to the point. The step – by –step instructions are to point and it does not waste time in getting down to business. The total program runs for 365 days, with 10 different programs that they offer. The program is pricey but they do offer a free trial for 10 days, to get everyone up and running.

Physically this helps to lower blood pressure and reduce stress-related disorders, and mentally it allows us to regain our focus and perspective.
The Beatles famously credited Transcendental Meditation with helping them write their best music. Oprah swears by her daily practice. So does billionaire hedge fund founder Ray Dalio, British comedian Russell Brand, and music mogul Russell Simmons.

In fact, the list of celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs who say Transcendental Meditation has helped them in their personal and professional lives is so long that we may need to start a new list: Successful People Who Don’t Practice Transcendental Meditation. 

Indian actress Kareena Kapoor has drawn attention to mediatation with her physique and weight loss. She decided to go on a diet and exercise regimen. Kareena, it is said, performed about 500 kapalbhatis every day. Kapalbhati is a weight loss focused breathing exercise


As per Deepak Chopra, he describes meditation as learning to do nothing more than focus on your breathing, staying still, and keeping distractions far. Meditation allows you to step out of an emotional loop and disengage with a pattern of behavior.
If your mind sometimes feels like a muddy pond, constantly rippled by thoughts, and you struggle to focus and concentrate, you might benefit from some mindfulness training. You can take the 10 day challenge for free at Headspace.
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