Work Life / Judy Inc Offers Stellar Production And Studio Services

Judy Inc Offers Stellar Production And Studio Services

Work Life Dec 13, 2014

Judy Inc Has Worked With A Celebrity Client List Including Penelope Cruz, Jude Law And Celine Dion

Judy Inc is an international artist management agency for Canada’s premier hair and makeup artists, fashion stylists, food stylists, art directors and industry experts.

Owner and CEO David Clemmer of Judy Inc works with artists on marketing, building and helping to define professional goals and guiding his clientele to achieving their goals. His expertise in fashion and beauty has helped him develop and represent some of Canada’s premier hair and makeup artists. Judy Inc artists work on an international platform in the fields of fashion, television, print advertising, and movie and celebrity promotion. The Judy Inc client list includes Penelope Cruz, Jude Law, Adrian Brody, Celine Dion, Sting, Sienna Miller, Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Cate Blanchett.

As if that weren’t enough, Judy Inc also has a print production wing and a casting wing, and it has launched Judy INK, an online lifestyle magazine.

Jusy Inc Studio services

Judy Inc offers a variety of services to its clientele, including hair, makeup, grooming, fashion and wardrobe, photography, videography, food, productions, retouching, manicures, bridal, and prop and room sets. These services aren’t limited to just Toronto. They’re available in Montreal and Vancouver as well. Judy Inc’s award-winning photographers include Yan Bentley, Miguel Jacob, Lily and Lilac, Gabe Toth, Gérard Harten, and Joel Esposito, to name a few.

Judy IncCasting services

Judy Inc works with Milo Casting, one of Canada’s popular print and digital video casting companies. Working with talented and well-known photographers and directors in the field, the company finds models and actors to work with photographers like Rankin, Ishi, Patrik Giardino, Michael Alberstat, Jake Chessum, KC Armstrong, Andric, Philip Rostron, Tom Feiler, Michael Graf, Russell Monk, Nigel Dickson, Raina and Wilson, Angus Rowe MacPherson, Paul Weeks, Chris Woods and Mark Zibert.

The company’s wide array of clients include Bell, Coca-Cola, Rogers, RBC, Scotiabank, Sony, TD Bank, Volvo, Toyota, Ford, McDonald’s, Quaker, Labatt, Budweiser, BMO, CIBC, IBM, MasterCard, Pepsi and Microsoft.

If you aspire to become an actor or model, or if you want help styling your food, you can contact:

·      Bindiya Kalloo-Hallam, Booking Agent, [email protected]
·      Jenna Edwards, Booking Agent, [email protected]
·      Camille Bertini, Booking Agent – Montreal, [email protected]

All images courtesy of Judy Inc