/ Thoughts From The Editor-In-Chief, Fall 2012

Thoughts From The Editor-In-Chief, Fall 2012

May 15, 2013

What’s Your Story?

Our world is quilted together by a collection of stories. Stories about love, life, experience, career, even little random moments that thread the day together: a joke heard during a coffee run, a funny email, a not-so-pleasant encounter with an ex. You can be happy, sad, frustrated or just plain furious. These are the emotions that carry the weight in each telling tale.

Every day brings upon a new tale that has yet to be told. And believe or not, one of the first stories you will tell starts in your closet.

We’ve all been there. Days when you just want to be super casual. Days when you want to get all gussied up. And of course, days where staying in your PJs could be the smartest choice you would make.

When I put an outfit together I think about what story am I projecting today. How do I feel and what will be the source of inspiration to build upon. Could it be that vintage tunic I bought from Haight/Ashbury in San Francisco? Or the (pricey) Prada boots that I had lovingly (and much to the disdain of my wallet) purchased in New York? Or it could be the vintage Swedish Army Captain’s satchel bag I picked up at a military store in Prague. All stories have a starting point. And that is the starting point, we need to covet when we start on our story-telling journey.

Such is our starting point for our Annual Fashion & Style Issue. The idea of fashion. The concept of style. The premise for inspiration. Our issue is jam packed with all sorts of stories, expressing various points of interest and of course showcasing and providing to you, the reader, the many perspectives of fashion.

With the seasonal change comes various sources of inspiration. It’s a chance for everyone to start telling fresh style stories. Why not begin by pouring over the delightful collection of key pieces you need in your wardrobe (Must-Haves, page 30), or channel your playful après work side (Work and Play, page 53), and make your man your Fall Guy with these cool fashion finds. (Trendsetter, page 52).

The kitchen is usually the backdrop for endless fabulous tales at pretty much any dinner party. We haven’t forgotten that, which is why we want you to create your story with our list of fabulous kitchen aids (Tips and Tricks, page 120); or get your techno groove on with cool gadgets that will help you share your story (New Kids on the Technology Block, page 132).

Bollywood is filled with story-tellers and we have exclusive chats with acclaimed director Anurag Kashyap (Man of The Hour, page 26) and on page 22, we also chat with leading lady Deepika Padukone.

Going beyond your doorstep is another fantastic way to create your tales. We travel to mystical Odisha, India (Enchanting Odisha, page 114) and of course on page 116 we have our Top 5 Spots for Adrenaline Junkies, which of course, is prime feeding ground for epic anecdotes.

So regardless of where your narrative begins, where it leads or how it ends, don’t forget to tell it. Because when not told, the story’s destiny remains unfulfilled.


Hina P. Ansari


Hina P. Ansari


Hina P. Ansari is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario). Since then she has carved a successful career in Canada's national fashion-publishing world as the Entertainment/Photo Editor at FLARE Magazine, Canada's national fashion magazine. She was the first South Asian in...


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