Work Life / 9 Year Old, Tanmay Bakshi, Develops App For iPhone

9 Year Old, Tanmay Bakshi, Develops App For iPhone

Work Life Mar 22, 2013

Tanmay Bakshi, of Brampton, Canada has created something no other 9 year old has done. He has created an app for Apple iPhones, and has instantly become an elementry school celebrity!

Apple rejected the app a few times but Tanmay perfected it and finally launched his “tTables” app on Valentine’s Day. It’s designed for children: You answer multiplication questions and, depending on your knowledge, you hear applause or the ominous buzzing of bees, according to TheStar.

Bakshi has been learning html code since he was in senior kindergarten. According to MetroNews, the Bakshi family immigrated to Canada from India in 2004, a year after Tanmay was born. His dad, Puneet, is a computer programmer at a trucking company, and also a math and science tutor at night and on weekends.

Bakshi says he will one day have his own company that sells various operating systems — or he might apply for a job at Apple if making his own company is “a little too hard.”

Would you consider using this app with your kids?

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