Why Prince's Death Really Hit Me Hard

When Prince passed away I was taken aback on why this particular passing hit me hard. As I write this, I know why.  It was March 25, the beginning of Easter Weekend, and my sister and I settled in our seats at Toronto’s Sony Centre for Prince’s “Piano &


How To Be An Even Better Mother

Release yourself from your mommy guilt and take better care of yourself ladies. Replenish your mind, body and soul. Your family will thank you. Mothers of generations past played a very domestic role at home while being the primary caregiver of their children. This continues to be emphasized and epitomized in the South Asian culture. There are, however, evolving and newer perspectives amongst


The Transformation Experts At Atmantan Wellness Resort in Pune

Bringing the promises of taut bodies, glowing complexions and satiated souls, an 8-year-old labour of love and passion set in the Sahyadris mountains has just launched as the go-to destination for the discerning wellness traveller.   Picture this. It’s 6:30 in the morning on the first day of the 41st year of your life, and you’re perfecting a kapotasana on a thatched-roof, slate-tiled


Why We Think Experiences Trump Extravagance

Face it. You are more obsessed with the screen on your phone than you are your surroundings. Snap out of it. It's time to put your priorities in the right order. Graduate at the top of your class, get married and buy a nice home equipped with the newest technology by the age of 28. Do these expectations for your life sound familiar? These cultural norms are ingrained in the South Asian co


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