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The Last Fling

Aug 09, 2013

Before Baby Makes Three

With names like the “last hurrah”, “great expectations” and “stress-free parents-to-be package”, babymoons may sound like they could be a last chance to live life. But taking time away for one last time to focus on you and your spouse as a couple, is exactly what some new parents are starting to get more passionate about before the diaperchanging, breastfeeding and long nights of wailing begin. So while some say your travel days are over once you’re pregnant, some moms and dads-to-be are seeing the benefits of trips that focus on coupledom before the “and baby makes three” phase takes over.

“My husband and I took a swanky trip to Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast when I was in my second trimester,” says Jane Malt, a full-time consultant and mother of two-year-old daughter, Alysha. “I was no longer nauseous in my first trimester and not huge like in my third trimester.”

Malt says it was a babymoon to remember. “It was incredible and romantic – I still dream of it, and I haven't travelled since!”

A Relaxed Mom is a Happy Mom

Dr. Priya Walia, a family physician who also practices primary obstetrics, says she encourages her patients to take time for themselves before their baby arrives.

“The focus is all on the mother, even in prenatal classes, and I always tell my patients to relax, spend time with their spouse or take time to get away because life will change after the baby is born, especially in the first six to eight weeks,” she says. “You’re feeding, changing diapers and the focus is only on the baby.”

Adrienne Einarson of the Hospital for Sick Children’s Motherisk Program says often women stop doing the things they love once they become pregnant: “Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop doing the things you enjoy. You don’t have to stop living.”

At the hospital, Einarson’s program manages over 30,000 calls a year from doctors and expectant parents regarding safety issues during pregnancy. “If you’re already living a healthy lifestyle, you will be fine,” reassures Einarson.

At What Point in My Pregnancy Can I Travel?

Dr. Walia points out that expectant mothers should consult their doctor about any travel before booking tickets. “The best time to travel is the second trimester. You’ve got a lot more energy, the morning sickness is usually gone and you’ve gone through the first round of testing,” advises Dr Walia. “By the seventh month some women may be too tired to last through a long trip and could be at risk of giving birth away from home if they experience premature labour.”

Dr. Walia says it’s also important to ensure you will have adequate access to medical care no matter where you go, and take any precautions before planning a trip. “You should try to avoid places where malaria might be a problem,” says Walia. But she adds that if you’ve had a high risk pregnancy in the past, your doctor will likely advise you not to travel, “Even if you get health insurance, you can’t insure a pre-term baby, so if your baby ends up in a hospital, the bills may be too much to handle.”

Who Wants to Babymoon?

Babymoons are gaining steam amongst younger couples, according to Babymoons.com manager, Sandi Silver. Babymoons.com is a one-stop shop for babymooners, with couples already calling in, despite the fact that the website hasn’t even officially launched yet. Silver is currently hoping to have 20 different packages across North America available on the website.

“Most people look for spa packages where there’s a lot of relaxation involved,” says Silver. “People are focusing on alone time and romance.” If you log on to Silver’s site and click on to babymoon bundles, you’ll see descriptions of the ideal babymoon package with such luxuries as a pre-natal spa treatment or a golf option, a picnic for two and even a dessert tasting with your own chef!

Moms Who Wished they had Seized the Moment

Angela Kapur, a mother of two and a full-time dentist, says that trying to get away for romance can be difficult when your family grows. “My husband and I wish we had done some of our faraway trips’ "wish list" prior to having kids,” says Kapur. “With small children, our comfort level for leaving them now is about three to four days maximum.”

She goes on to point out that babymoons offer a chance to renew romance at a time when you’re less distracted. “Being a new parent often does not leave much time for even short conversations or moments together,” Kapur says. “I do strongly feel the relationship needs to have a very strong foundation before entering into the trials of parenthood.”

Mother of three, Soania Mathur, agrees. “The concept of a babymoon is a great one because initially with a newborn in the house, you can easily get wrapped up in your new addition and lose sight of each other,” comments Mathur.

Other new parents say even if it’s not the most ideal couple setting, fitting in trips away can make all the difference.

“It would have been nice for just my husband and I to spend special time together before the birth of our little boy Rohan,” says Deepa Chand, a new mother living in New York City. She goes on to say, “We did manage a few trips to visit family and friends, and I think it was really important to visit our friends, since we basically cocooned ourselves for the first three months after Rohan was born,” but adds, “Some alone time would have been really nice too, especially if we are to have a second child.”

No matter what you decide, Dr. Walia says it’s important not to be uncomfortable about asking questions. “Take it easy on yourself,“ she counsels. More importantly, get away, relax and have fun!

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